Why Enforcing our Rights and those of Our Children is so Important

Many parents who alienate their Children of all ages from their Loving Mother (father) at the time of divorce and those who cooperate with them so they can use, abuse and control them for money and other benefits; live in a very toxic, corrupt environment which any civilized country and reasonable, civilized people would find repulsive and try to change.
In this toxic, corrupt environment; when the truth is spoken it is dismissed as a lie.

Those corrupt individuals tell so many lies; they often believe them even though they know they aren’t true and try to get others to believe them like Children of all ages whose loving Mother (father) has been alienated from them at the time of divorce.

They intentionally destroy the HEARTS, SOULS and MINDS of these Children getting them to believe their lies like their Loving Mother no longer loves them, or is crazy and they need to alienate her like they too are getting divorced. As many experts have shown this is typical behavior in a parental alienation situation which millions of Children of divorce and their Loving Parent are suffering from all across the United States and our World too.

These corrupt individuals have trouble keeping their lies straight so when they GET CAUGHT by someone because all their lies come together on documents, in court testimony and by agreements they have made some go to jail, some pay heavy fines, some lose their licenses, they lose their reputations and legacies they have tried to build while hiding their lies, schemes and corrupt acts.

The way these corrupt individuals get caught is when someone who has had his or her rights taken away by these corrupt people, STANDS UP TO THEM and enforces her rights and those of her Children who are too confused and brainwashed and have lost their voice and their direction because they either:

1) believe the lies or

2) are placed in a “climate of fear” so they are FORCED to believe the lies.
This is what happened to my minor Son at Cate School, a California Boarding College Preparatory High School as the photographs and post show several days ago along with other abusive acts he and my Daughter and other Son continue to be forced to endure.

All my Children would never behave the way they are and harming themselves too if they were not being forced.
They are smart and reasonable and we had beautiful relationships until they abruptly ended around the time of divorce as many documents show. Their acts are not reasonable and experts have determined they along with mine are characteristic of those suffering from Parental Alienation.

Standing up to those who commit harmful and corrupt acts ENFORCES our Rights, Our Way of Life, Truth, Justice and other principles the United States was founded upon.

This is not only our Right to Stand Up to Them but also our RESPONSIBILITY.

None of this is legal advice, just my understanding.

These people with all their lies and corrupt acts are not by any means incapable; they are very, very psychologically and emotionally sick and troubled to lie, use Children of all ages and others to help them carry out their schemes to deprive a Loving Mother at the time of divorce of her property and of a companionship with her Children which as I understand is a fundamental right clearly enumerated in the Constitution of the United States and each State Constitution.

These people with all their lies and corrupt acts even APPEAR to have very impressive accomplishments ON THE SURFACE; if you don’t realize how they have cheated, lied and intimidated others to obtain many of their accomplishments.

To make matter worse:
Even though many experts and also people with common sense realize they are very psychologically and emotionally sick; they do not want to get help because they want to continue lying, believing their lies and controlling and harming Children of all ages and their loving Mother and others.

***You cannot reason with them and if you try you may get sick like I did. This includes your Children who have adopted these lying, cheating and controlling behaviors like giving ultimatums and barking orders; not having respectful, civil conversations.***

So to bring about Justice and receive your community property and other interests and rights you have been deprived of receiving; you have to stop them using passive resistance and the law.

So, here is an email I sent to RABBI DAVID WOLPE from SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and many Jewish Leaders and also PASTOR RICK WARREN and others at SADDLEBACK CHURCH entitled:

“New Opportunity for the Rabbi David Wolpe and Pastor Rick Warren types”

Here is the email:

“Take your 501c3, Vow of Poverty and missions to Cuba. A brand new market has opened up. Be the first in your neighborhood to plan a mission. They are poor so they don’t have computers probably so that can be an opportunity too. You can make an agreement with Bill Gates and Sony to provide them with computers and hacking lessons all while you take their money and destroy the Loving Mother/Child relationships.

A once in a lifetime opportunity that has just opened up thanks to our President Obama. The Jews can take advantage of this new market he has opened up with RABBI DAVID WOLPE leading the way.
Sure you don’t want to end your secret policy of parental alienation?
Think that is a wise decision?”

In PASTOR RICK WARREN’s email I added:
“Thought all of you should see this too and maybe send Paul Moote II on this mission. You know, PAUL MOOTE II from The Moote Group or The Moote Companies or whatever they have restructured and changed the company to this time. Think what he is doing as Vice President of the company along with his sister MARJI KNITTER as President is legal? Are you involved in this too? They have and continue to deprive me of many of my rights as documents clearly show. Just thought you should know.”

Just so you know, I have posted on my facebook page the photos of RABBI DAVID WOLPE, PASTOR RICK WARREN and my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN around the “crime” photo.

Learn from my mistakes.

Although they all have impressive titles and have made some impressive accomplishments; I recommend that if you see these people you do not make agreements with them, do not consult with them and do not give them any money. Just get away from them.

I have information to show they intentionally harm others, even Children of all ages at the expense of receiving money, influence and other benefits. This is not what 501c3, Vow of Poverty and other agreements are intended to be used for as the law clearly shows and clearly are not the principles the United States and each State were founded upon.
MARK F. HASSMAN is the one in the suit, to the left of the “crime” photo; below him in the black t-shirt is PASTOR RICK WARREN and to his right with the microphone is RABBI DAVID WOLPE.

***My ex-husband has “entrusted” to them many millions of dollars of assets and income until the time he believes some statute of limitations has run. However, since our divorce is invalid and incomplete, the statute of limitations has not BEGUN to run yet and he has a responsibility to disclose all assets and income which he and I have or may have an interest in which includes all this property he has “entrusted” to them.

So with discovery and a formal accounting, all of this will be revealed as the law requires before a divorce can be complete and valid and THEN the statute of limitations begins to run; not before as the disclosure laws are still in effect because the community estate has not been completely and accurately disclosed and disposed of. Just a little technicality I guess his very expensive law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM did not tell him.
He is “insolvent” now too. Really???

Discovery must be ordered to comply with the laws.

How all of them have intentionally and continue to take away the Rights and Property and destroy the hearts, souls and minds of Loving Mothers who nurtured their Children while promoting their ex-husband’s careers; putting their own on hold and how they intentionally and continue to take away the Rights and Property and destroy the hearts, souls and minds of many Children of all ages is a very, very serious matter.

As a very serious, moral, reasonable, compassionate woman I am bringing out these facts because if we ALLOW our Rights and Property and our Children to be taken away from us with lies and schemes; we will have lost our way of life which our United States and State Constitutions were founded upon and live in a Dictatorship like Cuba, not a Democratic Republic like what the United States is suppose to be.
If not I, then who?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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