Why I am not afraid to fight the corrupt establishment.

I am not afraid to fight the corrupt establishment so I can make our world a better place for those who are truthful and honest and want to help others reach their potential instead of disgracefully taking advantage of them for a profit.

As I have written before, I am a Jew who follows Jewish philosophy and teachings but I do not concern myself with keeping kosher and some of the other practices which do not relate to the essence of one’s soul. Every day, I live trying to make our world a better place for all—no excuses.

As the Torah teaches (in Deuteronomy Parsha Shoftim) , Judaism does not demand the impossible. If you are not afraid and do not panic and do not flee from the battlefield and do not let any fear hamper your performance of righteous and good deeds; then you have nothing to fear. Your enemy comes with the power of flesh and blood but you will come with the power of the Omnipresent. It is God who fights for you.

This Jewish teaching also explains that if Jews are united; they need not fear. Unfortunately, the Jews are not united because as my case clearly shows (Los Angeles Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬); the Jewish leaders all across the United States are the leaders in promoting POLYGAMY and PARENTAL ALIENATION. They refuse to even discuss these topics and help honest, law-abiding, compassionate Jewish Mothers who have been alienated from their Children of all ages at the time of divorce, reunite with each other. They are finishing the job HITLER started so they can profit.

Why not lie, cheat and steal by taking the loving Wife/Mother’s property at the time of divorce? But to make matters worse for her, why not make her so mentally distraught and tortured by brainwashing her children so they too become liars and cheaters and help them steal her property? Is this ATTEMPTED MURDER? I have endured this abuse for over seven (7) years now.

Is this a miracle? I think so and so do many others. I have recovered from my seizures and have learned to cope with the constant barrage of lies, harassment, abuse, false allegations and hate directed toward me by Jews and many others.

As this section of the Torah also stresses: it is especially important for judges to question the accusers rigorously and carefully. This is what the wise, honest and highly regarded judge I clerked for did every day with great pride and responsibility; Honorable James S. Sfekas. I really miss him.

As this section of the Torah also stresses: before going to war, you must give your enemy an opportunity to make peace. I have done this many, many times as court records show and I still do. Plus, each defendant AND OTHERS have their own free will and can come forth with the truth at any time. They have obviously CHOSEN to join the corrupt. Thus, as my wise and wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me, never be afraid to defend your character and values because without your good name and values, you have nothing. I really miss him too.

This important Torah section also states that it is the responsibility of leaders to refine the behaviors of their followers. Unfortunately, ALL SO-CALLED JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS and SO-CALLED JEWISH LEADERS are promoting Parental Alienation and Polygamy so they can Profit.

For over 7 years now, they have refused to come forth with the truth and have refused to stop promoting Parental Alienation and Polygamy. These are not Jews, these are terrorists. 
Thus, I AM THE JEWISH LEADER who is redefining the behaviors that Jews must follow pursuant to the TORAH. This is also reasonable behavior to promote honesty and goodness.

I hope I have explained clearly why I am not fearful to fight the corrupt establishment. I hope those reading this choose to leave a message or begin to fervently help me end Polygamy and Parental Alienation and are not afraid because you know you are not alone and also, this is the reasonable thing to do. It is not reasonable to ignore these epidemic problems as they keep getting worse and worse. Everyone can help in some way if they want to.
Be reasonable, kind, caring and honest by letting your voice be heard in your community OR help those who are letting their voice be heard.

Fight for truth and justice because there is nothing to fear in doing this because not only is this your responsibility as an honest person; it is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to show your true character and help others. The Torah demands that Jews remain conscious of the need to maintain their regard for the general welfare and cleave to their love of goodness. Doing this will enrich your own character too so you have nothing to fear.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice. It is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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