Why I AM SORRY; FREE TRIPS TO ISRAEL and will MARK HASSMAN become VERY VIOLENT SOON because it appears as EXPECTED, HIS ANGER is increasing since: 1) the exposure of HIS SEXUAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE of MY CHILDREN is increasing; 2) the SPIES HE SENDS to try to BEFRIEND ME so he can MONITOR MY BEHAVIOR are unsuccessful and; 3) my computer hacks are becoming more frequent?

MY CHILDREN, there are FREE TRIPS TO ISRAEL. These trips are with Aliyah groups in America which ENCOURAGE young adults and others to come to Israel and tour. You DO NOT HAVE TO GUARANTEE that you will stay and live here. These tour groups have found that when most people come and visit; they WANT to stay and have both American and Israeli citizenships, like me.

MY CHILDREN, please seriously think about coming to Israel SOON.


I AM SO SORRY it took me twelve years to: 1) FIGURE OUT this TERROR going on in our family; 2) PROVE IT by using my legal skills and experiences and; 3) ARTICULATE IT online and elsewhere.

It is a MIRACLE that ALL OF US survived this TERROR so let’s not waste our knowledge, experiences, and sense of compassion.  Let’s WORK TOGETHER to HELP OTHERS who are suffering from this EPIDEMIC problem of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION.

Working together to help others is JUDAISM because this is TIKKUN OLAM which is using our knowledge, skills and experiences with our compassion to help GOD heal the world.

NOT ONLY will this help others; we will be HELPING OURSELVES HEAL TOO. This is the beauty of Tikkun Olam since by helping others a person helps himself or herself TOO. Many in ISRAEL understand this which is what makes Israel such a special and beautiful country. In other words, many people in Israel live a life of constantly HELPING OTHERS which is FUN, ENRICHING and VERY REWARDING. I know each of you, MY CHILDREN understand this because you were all heads of your dorms at school and leaders in sports and other subjects and helped others with all of your knowledge, skills and experiences as I do and raised you to do too. So let’s now do this again TOGETHER and help others suffering from this EPIDEMIC problem of Parental Alienation.

Also, MY CHILDREN, it is important that all of you have THERAPY with a reputable therapist (no one your father recommends and no one from the divorce proceedings recommended by the court).

MY SONS, it is very important that you HELP YOUR SISTER get therapy so she can learn to cope with YOUR FATHER’S SEXUAL ABUSE OF HER and ALL OF YOU must learn to cope too with all HIS SEXUAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE of Yourself, Each Other and Others too, including of Me, YOUR MOTHER.

Of course I prefer you contact me. But, if I SHOULD BE KILLED due to your Father’s or others’ anger; the name and contact information of my therapist in Santa Monica, California is in public records in the divorce file, in my insurance records from the very beginning of the divorce proceedings. She has a very common Jewish name so verify carefully that she is the one. I was in her office one day when YOUR FATHER called and TRIED TO BRIBE HER into writing a report he wanted for the court. She refused and also became very angry with him and hung up. This intelligent and honorable therapist can be trusted. Very importantly, she also practices “safe haven therapy,” where all sessions are kept confidential from EVERYONE, because then people are not afraid to speak the TRUTH since NO ONE will know what you talked about. ASK HER FOR REFERENCES because you can trust her. I really recommend you come to Israel soon.

I also wanted to mention that since I started my Website and Facebook page; I have been sending my posts to: 1) all of my defendants and also 2) others aiding them in promoting this TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION as recommended to me. Shamefully the list increased over time with more judges, lawyers, Jews, Jewish leaders, nonprofit organizations their executives and others who became defendants or aided these defendants. Also some, like my sister, refused to give me their emails. All these people and organizations are shamefully part of the CONSPIRACY to promote this EPIDEMIC problem of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION. In other words, they are all ACCOMPLICES and TERRORISTS themselves as I understand and I have a very good understanding of this law. Below is a list of all of their names and email addresses and unfortunately there are more too.

Finally, please do not worry about me since I am living in the WORLD OF LOVE in ISRAEL among others who value Love, Peace, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice which is beautiful. I hope each one of you CHOOSES to JOIN ME SOON because you have nothing to lose but a horrible World of SEXUAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE and TERROR.

Also, if the anger of these Terrorists and Accomplices KILLS ME; I am not afraid. I am very PROUD for all I have done and GRATEFUL spending many years being YOUR MOTHER.

****Again, MY CHILDREN, I am NOT angry with any of you but; PROUD OF ALL OF YOU for your STRENGTH and I know you have LOVE IN YOUR HEART too as I believe this love helped you survive. I believe YOU KNEW I would NEVER give up trying to END our Parental Alienation and figure out HOW AND WHY it has unnaturally and unreasonably gone on for twelve (12) years. Please just WORK TOGETHER to help end this Terror of Parental Alienation.

Here is the list of the Conspiracy; their names and emails, and there are others too:

Danielle Berrin <danielleb@jewishjournal.com>,
“Brian T. (bdaly@MullenLaw.com)” <bdaly@mullenlaw.com>,
Steve Murow <smurow@dirtexpert.com>,
“kaleen@divorceoc.com” <kaleen@divorceoc.com>,
Marshall Cole <mcole@nemecek-cole.com>,
Paul Kramer <pkramer@pdk-law.com>,
“Joan E. Trimble” <jtrimble@ctsclaw.com>,
Dale Kiken <dak@kikenlaw.com>,
Bob Andrews <jra@mullenlaw.com>,
“jschonfeld@rabbinicalassembly.org” <jschonfeld@rabbinicalassembly.org>,
Rabbi Daniel Nevins <danevins@jtsa.edu>,
“rabbibrander@linkla.org” <rabbibrander@linkla.org>,
“execteam@jewishfederations.org” <execteam@jewishfederations.org>,
“Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <replytojay@jewishla.org>,
“info@ccarnet.org” <info@ccarnet.org>,
info <info@rabbinicalassembly.org>,
Creative Arts Temple <info@creativeartstemple.org>,
“Scott Minkow, The Jewish Federation” <NextBigJewishIdea@jewishla.org>,
Jewish Community Relations Council <reply-1d1d295f9b-46192ecda6-5dfa@u.cts.vresp.com>,
Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors <doris@cjhsla.org>,
Mendel Schwartz <mendel@chaicenter.org>,
Los Angeles Times <support-b7jjc1rbfbugyhauwxag9byp9k6w65@e.latimes.com>,
“tai@tikvahfund.org” <tai@tikvahfund.org>,
mitchell wohlberg <mwohlberg@btfiloh.org>,
Elissa Sachs-Kohen <eskohen@baltimorehebrew.org>,
Helene Penn Dorf <ladypetals@comcast.net>,
Glenn Weinberg <glennlweinberg@comcast.net>,
“elaine.justice@emory.edu” <elaine.justice@emory.edu>,
Emory University Media Relations <news@emory.edu>,
“hkorsch@emory.edu” <hkorsch@emory.edu>,
“vdollar@emory.edu” <vdollar@emory.edu>,
“Kremen, Richard” <richard.kremen@dlapiper.com>,
RSVP EVENTS <rsvp@jewishjournal.com>,
Mark Schaeffer <mschaeffer@nemecek-cole.com>,
David Suissa <davids@jewishjournal.com>,
Golnar Fozi <gfozi@meyersfozi.com>,
Bettina Yanez <bettinayanez@yanezlaw.com>,
“Paul A. Moote II” <p2moote@moote.com>,
Wayne Resnick <BWR@martinscaterers.com>,
Marlo Van Oorschot <mvo@mvolaw.com>

TO those in this CONSPIRACY and OTHERS too who are promoting this TERROR: “As the ocean never freezes, so the GATE of REPENTANCE is NEVER CLOSED.”– from my book of Jewish thoughts.

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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