Why I and You too may no longer REASONABLY want your Children and Others in your life UNLESS…

As explained in prior posts this week; acclaimed authors, philosophers and others describe the world of love, kindness, respect, manners and enrichment which exists alongside the world of lying, manipulating, cheating, stealing, abusing and corruption.

Each one of us MUST CHOOSE which one of these worlds we want to live in and if you THINK you can live in BOTH worlds you are VERY WRONG because you will AUTOMATICALLY develop shame for the lies, manipulations, cheating and other harms you have caused while existing in the corrupt world and will THEN DEVELOP OBSESSIONS like drinking and doing drugs, and disorders like eating, sexual, internet, shopping, gambling, smoking and others.

You may even develop these obsessions to PUNISH YOURSELF for all the horrible things you have done and because you UNREASONABLY think you do not DESERVE to be happy, have peace of mind and experience LOVE.

As a result, you will LOSE YOUR BEAUTIFUL and SPECIAL POTENTIAL, become INSECURE and continue to lie, cheat and harm others because you foolishly do NOT want to be reasonable by ACKNOWLEDGING and ADDRESSING your behavior and obsessions so you can then learn to LIVE WITH PEACE OF MIND, LOVE, RELAX and HAVE EMPATHY;TRULY CARING FOR THE WELL BEING OF YOURSELF and OTHERS even when there is NO ADVANTAGE FOR YOU. 
***This is LOVE. 
This is how a reasonable, kind and loving Mother and Father raises their children; with love that comes from their heart and soul.

***Their HAPPINESS and PRIDE comes from seeing the beautiful accomplishments their Children have made as well as their beautiful values and character they have developed as they keep maturing in life with the guidance and encouragement that a reasonable parent provides.

*** A parent and others who lie, scheme, use fraudulent civil restraining orders, false reports and other manipulations to intentionally deprive a loving Mother (father) of their HAPPINESS and PRIDE from seeing the beautiful accomplishments their Children have made and their beautiful values and character they have developed are horrible, sick, evil, abusive people beyond words which is what parental alienation is. 
          This is WHY PARENTAL ALIENATION is so devastating and destructive because most parents become so EMOTIONALLY TRAUMATIZED along with the Children of all ages, that they never recover and live a life a lost souls in extreme torment. 
They convince themselves that they must listen to their abusive father (mother) and all those working with him so they can survive instead of REASONABLY contacting their loving Mother to help them.

Love grows stronger as a relationship becomes longer and longer because you learn TOGETHER how to address your challenges using reason, respect, kindness and compassion NEVER lies, manipulations, schemes or cheating.

However, TOGETHER being able to BENEFIT from your challenges is only possible IF BOTH PEOPLE IN THE RELATIONSHIP ARE LIVING IN THE WORLD OF LOVE.
If one refuses; then the one living in the world of love must learn to move on in the world of love WITHOUT THEM and NOT allow the other one(s) living in the world of corruption to bring them down to their depraved level with their corrupt and depraved ways. They must keep on living and loving and developing new relationships in the world of love. This is very reasonable too.

As my divorce shows, SUDDENLY ONLY I was living in the world of love and suddenly my ex-husband refused to be reasonable and he convinced our wonderful, wise, sweet, respectful children to believe his lies.

All of them suddenly began treating me with great disrespect. As a result, I developed seizures and had to be hospitalized due to this EMOTIONAL TORTURE; which is VERY COMMON in situations of Parental Alienation as any person with a sound mind can understand and as experts have proven.

***Even Hitler proved if you treat people miserably and deprive loving parents of their HAPPINESS and PRIDE from seeing the beautiful accomplishments their Children have made and their beautiful values and character they have developed; they will become very sick and often die or become walking lost souls who can be more easily controlled. 
This is what my ex-husband and those helping him promote the parental alienation between myself and our Children expected to happen to me and I believe has happened to my Children; they have become very easy to control and have become brainwashed because they have accepted the lies when they truly know better.

My Children know I am and have always been a loving, kind and honest person who loves them dearly and always tries to make them become people with beautiful values, character and also enjoy life doing positive, productive and fun activities.

I believe my children have lost hope and a will to survive like many Children of all ages suffering from parental alienation.

However, there is a saying that “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Well, since I learned many of these important lessons from my parents, sister and their attorney who live in the world of corruption and abuse and who I sued when I was 27 years old to enforce my legal rights; I just had to refresh myself with these important lessons and apply them to my current situation of parental alienation. 
I had and still have reputable therapy, read, write, enjoy my hobbies, keep updating my legal skills and surround myself with others who are also reasonable, kind and caring and live in the world of love; never ever thinking of taking ADVANTAGE of anyone so that only they can benefit while others are harmed.

If you have never experienced this world of love, peace of mind, empathy, self-confidence and trust; you have no idea what you are missing. But, it takes a strong will and devotion to LEAVE the world of corruption and enter the world of love.             You need to UNDO your corrupt ways, UNDERSTAND why you developed them to begin with; and REPLACE them with meaningful new habits and behaviors.
It is truly worth it and you will be so pleased with YOURSELF and all the new friends who WANT to treat you with kindness and respect and NOT boss you around and control you so you are by design not able to develop and express YOUR OWN beautiful thoughts and ideas and BE PROUD of them too. This is NO WAY to choose to live.

Thus, if my Children and others insist on living in the world of corruption and try to make up lies about me, ruin my beautiful character and take away my legal rights like my right to receive a legal divorce which includes my money, property and a companionship with my children; then I REASONABLY do not want them in my life. Why should I? So I can become sick again from their lies and manipulations because this is how people are who CHOOSE TO live in the world of corruption.

I am much happier living in my world of love WITHOUT any of them.

For example, on this Labor Day weekend I plan on reading, writing, watching some movies, exercising, taking a yoga class, cooking and barbecuing and going with a friend to this ice cream store in west Los Angeles which is the new rage because they have organic ice cream made with honey. My friend and I tried to go another time but the line was too long so we are going to try again.

I have peace of mind and hold my head up high because I am PROUD of my actions and what I stand for and the principles and rights I advocate. No one can take this away from me because I have a very strong will. 
Not only do I have love for others, I also have love for myself so I take good care of myself too. THIS IS WHERE LOVE BEGINS…TAKING GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF IN POSITIVE WAYS. 

Then if you meet someone who you want to spend time with or want to have a relationship with, the two of you together can ENRICH each other’s love; not destroy it with lies, schemes and manipulations so only they can benefit by satisfying their depraved need to control and feed their sick ego.

I hope this helps many understand what has taken me a LIFETIME to be able to cryptically describe. So, start by being reasonable by taking good care of YOURSELF TODAY. 
Be proud to admit your mistakes and move forward making BETTER CHOICES FOR YOURSELF.

*** Enter the world of love, it is worth it. 
I promise and I do not lie because I live in the world of love. You truly can trust me.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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