Why I once loved my husband MARK HASSMAN and no longer love him but am vehemently ashamed of him as any honest, loving, reasonable, compassionate person should be.

When I first met my husband in the 1980’s I fell in love with him because he appeared to be honest, ambitious, courageous and wanted to treat a woman with respect, love and with equal rights. He wanted a woman to enhance his life with her ideas, hobbies and compassion; not dictate to her and try to control her.

Now, trying to obtain a legal divorce judgment from him for about the past 10 years when he has created the terror of Parental Alienation; HOW CAN MY CHILDREN and others love this horrible man and the values he represents?

My (still) husband MARK HASSMAN obviously is no longer the man I thought he was. He wants to be loved for controlling others and depriving them of their right to THINK and MAKE CHOICES FOR THEMSELVES.
He wants to be loved for lying, cheating and deceiving Me, Our Children and many others. This is his way of life in the fake world based on his lies he has created for himself. 
He wants fake admiration for things he never accomplished but lied about. 

He wants to be loved for ruining Our Children’s self-esteem and confidence.

He wants to be loved for destroying the enriching and positive companionship I shared with Our Children as their loving, law-abiding Mother. 

He wants to force Our Children to love him ONLY and forget Me, their loving, honest, law-abiding Mother by PRETENDING that I do not exist.

He refuses to even give me their current contact information and encourage Our Children to communicate and reunite with me just to be evil and controlling; obviously not displaying any love.

He believes that forcing Our Children and others to worship him for false accomplishments based on lies and schemes is the way to obtain love.

He believes that forcing Our Children to financially need him based on stealing my assets due to our fraudulent divorce judgment, his illegal tax, real estate and other schemes is the way to obtain love. He stole my assets so I can’t help Our Children financially like I legally should be able to.

So how can any honest, reasonable, compassionate person want to associate with a man like this, let alone love him? That would be ridiculous and looking to be hurt. Reasonable people stay away from a man like this; professionally and personally.

Thus, so he doesn’t feel lonely my (still) husband MARK HASSMAN has to FORCE people to have to associate with him, like Our Children, by making them FALSELY believe they need him for financial and emotional support. 
He is nothing but an evil coward, cheater and liar who does not want to change his ways so he can truthfully learn how to love and stop abusing, terrorizing and controlling others. 
He does not want to be lonely and tries to deceive himself and Our Children by teaching them and telling himself this is the way to be loved when it is abuse. Parental Alienation, lying, scheming and stealing my assets are all acts of abuse, terror and torture as well as being criminal and unlawful. They certainly are not loving acts.

A person like this who lies to himself and the world is the world’s SLAVE because he must always FAKE REALITY due to all of his lies. Thus, he always lives on the verge of anger and panic.
It will be interesting to see if Our Children focus their mind so they see the truth or continue to be harmed by his lies and thus, are never able to truly love either. 
***Will they continue to deceive themselves or see reality and understand that it is their Mother, not their Father who knows how to love and knows the difference between love, abuse and control.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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