Why I WILL BRING TO JUSTICE all those who have caused Parental Alienation; it’s a FOREGONE CONCLUSION

Why I WILL BRING TO JUSTICE all those who have caused Parental Alienation and all the psychological, emotional, physical, financial and other problems which go along with it; it is a FOREGONE CONCLUSION; they are just too sick, evil, brain dead, stubborn and entitled to CHOOSE to see the TRUTH and HELP THEMSELVES.

Also, why it is important for alienated children to get the help they need and not continue their addictions and other harmful acts.(explained below, marked***)

So, when you play to the weaknesses of the sick, evil parents and those aiding him (her) like I do but in honest and smart ways; they FALL because they don’t have the knowledge or skills to help THEMSELVES and REFUSE TO CHANGE AND GET IT.

These sick, evil parents and those aiding him (her) all they KNOW how to do is bully, intimidate, lie, scheme, hack and deceive others. 

They do not know and DO NOT WANT TO LEARN positive behaviors of collaboration, agreeing to disagree on insignificant matters (not those important to your character and values); being honest and doing what is in the best interests of others if it doesn’t benefit them too.

For example, I have many, many facts to show that my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, a judge, law firms, an accounting firm, religious organizations, joint venture partners, executives, a current wife, his mother, a boarding school, a court appointed therapist and unfortunately many others helped and continue to help my ex-husband make our divorce PROFITABLE for him and also PROFITABLE FOR THEM too, at the EXPENSE of myself and my Children.
Not only is this against many laws; it is immoral and unethical and against the moral conscience of reasonable people.

By the way, it is my understanding that criminal judgments can be STACKED and also, as my ex-husband should clearly know; the civil judge has an obligation to REPORT those who appear before him or her to the CRIMINAL DIVISION, if their criminal acts are EXPOSED in a civil trial. (My parents, sister and their lawyer had to cope with this issue years ago when they used my social security number illegally).

But, no one, BEFORE ME has recovered enough from acts of Parental Alienation and then also had the knowledge, skills and experience to put all this together.

Further, since our community estate was worth MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN, was able to “influence” many sick, evil and corrupt people and organizations with corrupt and immoral policies to JOIN HIM IN HIS JOINT VENTURE(S) OR PLAN including SINAI TEMPLE, SADDLEBACK CHURCH and CATE SCHOOL which have my money and property in 501c3 and/or other agreements and have done other horrible acts but refuse to rectify them and keep doing them to me, my children and millions like us, ALL FOR A PROFIT and OTHER BENEFITS.

However, all of them involved keep making the situation worse and worse for themselves because when your mind is burdened so is your physical body. So, they develop addictions and other horrible habits instead of changing their ENTITLED and ELITIST ATTITUDES and getting the appropriate THERAPY they need so they can change their evil ways.

***By the way, for alienated Children, especially Teens and Young Adults, it is important for YOU to go get the help you need so you do not develop addictions and other negative habits and check out your mind to AVOID THE PAIN. 
You must face the pain which is facing the TRUTH by going to an honest therapist who specializes in parental alienation and divorce issues and UNDO the harmful attitudes and behavior you have adopted because you were forced to. 
SAVE YOURSELF and don’t let these evil people and organizations destroy you.

***This is why I have an IRON WILL…because I have had the necessary therapy and also learn important things daily and don’t close off my mind. 
Then I continue daily to FOCUS MY MIND and EXERCISE MY BODY.

When YOU do this TOO; you will heal yourself and develop an iron will too. So, you will not ALLOW others to take advantage of you and you will FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND WATCH THEM FALL.
IT IS A FOREGONE CONCLUSION THAT THEY WILL FALL; legally, psychologically, emotionally and physically.

My ex-husband already had a heart attack and has gained weight too and can’t even smile anymore; he has that smile that looks likes he bit into a lemon, like my friend describes AUTOMATICALLY happens to evil people. Check it out.

So, make the proper changes for yourself so you don’t mentally and physically check out and give up hope and just live life “going through the motions,” because you have allowed yourself to lose your emotions and care; even about yourself.

As always, none of this is legal advice or advice of any kind; just based on my knowledge.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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