Why it is Important to Differentiate Between the “initiation of violence” and RESPONDING to the “initiation of violence.”

Whenever you decide to set your boundaries by telling someone to please speak respectfully to you or stop hurting you because you refuse to adopt their unreasonable beliefs; this is RESPONDING to their “initiation of violence.”

***It is important to respond to other’s initiation of violence because otherwise they will continue to harm you until you have lost your beautiful character, sense of humor and happiness.

***They won’t stop harming you until you have essentially become their slave and they rule you by intimidation. This causes you to live in an “environment of fear,” knowing that you will constantly be harmed if you “disobey” them.

This is not only a horrible way to live but is abuse and emotional torture. But, the abusers and those who aid them think this is fun and they are ENTITLED to treat you and others this way; especially children like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. and women. Many sick, horrible men believe women and children deserve to be used and abused.
I know of a horrible, sick alienating father who forced his son to live in horrible conditions.
He HAD THE BED REMOVED FROM HIS SON’S ROOM and made him sleep on a mattress without any sheets or a blanket.

***This father didn’t care about this son.
All this father cared about and still cares about is that he is CONTROLLING this son by punishing him because the son did not want to alienate his loving Mother from his life.
However, the father had to force the son to obey him because he needed to use him so he would not have to pay spousal support and also to terribly upset his ex-wife due to the loss of their companionship. Sound familiar to many? It is pure evil and abuse.

This father even got his new wife and others to go along with these horrible things he was doing to this son but; he had to buy them things to  “enlist” them.
PURE EVIL BUT BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER so expect this. If you do not like someone you usually will not like their friends either and vice versa.

This father also used this son to intimidate his other two children. He tells them if you disobey me, I will do to you what I did to your brother.
This is happening in millions and millions of homes where an evil father or mother creates and perpetuates parental alienation while others go along because he pays them to do so.

***Evil people like this have to get the loving mother (father) out of the way so then they can harm the children.

I am a loving Mother and do you think it is reasonable that I and millions of others like me just standby not trying to help our wonderful children? Of course it isn’t which is why millions are rising up all over the world, fed up with being abused and watching their children be abused too. ***We are uniting for the same causes; FREEDOM, RESPECT AND JUSTICE. We each have different experiences that have brought us to this point, but regardless we stand united to fight these evil terrorists and evil leaders who intentionally harm innocent children, women and others.

***So RESPOND to this “initiation of violence,” by getting away from this horrible father and others like him. Contact your loving Mother or others who care about you, love you and do what is in your best interest; not abusing you and making you live in an “environment of fear.”

Often it is necessary to respond to the violence to save yourself as I had to do to stop my seizures. So don’t hesitate. Also, many alienating parents and those who aid them are delusional because they have told so many lies they get confused as to what is real and what is a lie. They just believe their lies.
So, don’t hesitate for a moment and get away from this alienating father and people like him and take back your heart, soul, mind and your happiness.

***You have a right to demand to be treated with respect and kindness. So, respond to their “initiation of violence” by demanding your rights be enforced.
If not I, then who?
By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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