Why it is Important to Stand Strong Against those Who Create and Support Parental Alienation which is Harming Millions

The following is not legal advice just my opinion:
The United States Constitution guarantees and protects individual and property rights. These rights cannot be taken away without an Amendment to the Constitution.

Thus, if people or organizations take these rights away, they are rewriting the Constitution and violating many laws.
***If this behavior is tolerated, we will no longer live in a democratic republic; we will live with a dictatorship and with terrorists.

The companionship of a parent and his or her children is a fundamental right protected by the US Constitution and is applicable to the states through the 14th Amendment.(Again, I am not giving legal advice, just my opinion).

I believe it is very important to stand up to those who are destroying the sacred and special bond a loving Mother (father) has with her children of any age because this is a fundamental right all women and children have, along with men too.

***I will not give up the freedoms my children and I and millions like us are guaranteed by the Constitution because I will not live in a dictatorship and complacently live with terrorists.

***Also, I will never give up helping my children which also helps me and millions like us. I had to make this choice another time during my life and I am so glad I chose not to give up my freedom then too.

***With freedom comes the ability to love, have confidence and respect for yourself, have an opened mind so you are willing to learn new, positive and fun things and also have peace of mind.

Fighting for your freedom is worth doing and freedom is what the United States of America stands for; Freedom for All.

Accordingly; I sent an email to RABBI JULIE SCHONFELD who is a very influential Rabbi, an Executive of THE RABBINICAL ASSEMBLY and also serves on PRESIDENT OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE COUNCIL for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.
I included part of yesterday’s post about President Obama’s speech; that ISIS is a terrorist group “not a religion” because it harms others.

Many Jewish Organizations have been harming women and children for years with regard to Parental Alienation as Stephen Fried’s bestselling book explains.[http://www.palienation.org/donation/].
Maybe now that her boss in some respect, President Obama made this comment; Rabbi Julie Schonfeld will use her power to institute a policy change among many Jewish Organizations including Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and stop allowing parental alienation to continue.

According to what President Obama said; it is only reasonable that the “Religious” Organizations which help destroy the sacred Parent/Child relationship and fraudulently use these 501(c)(3) and Vow of Poverty Agreements to hide community property and income should LOSE THEIR RELIGIOUS, NON-PROFIT TAX STATUS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT A RELIGION; THEY ARE A TERRORIST GROUP LIKE ISIS.

***Destroying the relationship a loving Mother (father) has with her children of any age is not only Terror but; it is also Evil.

I have not heard from either of them or anyone on their behalf but; I did receive this Trojan email; “Gotta Have ‘Em Deals’ ” referring to the 501(c)(3) and Vow of Poverty Agreements.
Again, EXPECT this type of behavior because alienating parents and those who aid them, like these “religious” organizations think terrorizing others is fun.
They want to upset you, make you feel frustrated and waste your time. So just stay focused on your goals and your schedule and don’t allow them to upset or distract you; but EXPECT them to keep trying.

Remember all of us have Free Will and as the philosopher Carl Jung said; “I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become.”

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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