Why it is Very Important to Differentiate Between the INITIATION of Violence and RESPONDING to this Initiation of Violence by Standing Up to Protect Your Rights and the Rights of Your Children

Do you think it is important to differentiate between the INITIATION of violence and when people RESPOND to this initiation of violence by standing up to protect their rights and the rights of their children?

Using lies, threats, false stories and other acts to intimidate or betray the trust of children of any age and force or threaten them to agree to treat their loving Mother (Father) disrespectfully and agree to stop communicating and spending time with them is an INITIATION of violence. It is also very evil and horrible beyond words as millions of us know.
***It is NOT REASONABLE or rational to destroy the parent/child bond UNLESS you are a TERRORIST and want to use the children to carry out acts of corruption which you know the loving Mother (Father) would never allow.  

***An alienating terror parent has to use ACTS OF VIOLENCE to separate the loving Mother (Father) before he can USE the children in corrupt and evil ways and also destroy the loving parent so she (he) is unable to help the children; because the loving Mother (Father) would never allow the children to be used and abused.

This is what is happening in millions of situations of parental alienation as many psychologists and other divorce experts have shown. [www.PAlienation.org] Aside from causing these children and their loving Mother (Father) great distress and emotional and physical problems; this also deprives these children and their loving Mother (Father) of many of their fundamental rights.

A parent’s right to care and have the companionship of her (his) children is fundamental, and guaranteed protection under the First, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution as many cases have shown.

Consequently, a person OWNS his own mind and has a RIGHT to make his or her own choices especially when it comes to having a relationship with his or her own loving Mother (Father).
***Thus, standing up against the INITIATION of violence called Parental Alienation and other corrupt acts that commonly go along with it ENFORCES our fundamental rights.

Neither a loving Mother (Father) nor their precious children of any age are expendable. They are very special and cherished for their own special talents, capabilities and personality especially by their loving parent. This is why the Constitution protects the rights of parents and children of all ages to be able to care and support one another and have a special and important companionship.

*** Any parent who destroys this companionship is not only unreasonable, irrational and evil but is also in violation of our Constitution and other laws.

***I hope this helps many understand why it is so important to be strong and stand up to those who create parental alienation.

***If we don’t we sacrifice our way of life and our freedom as well as those of our children. This is how a person sells his heart, soul and mind since they have chosen to stop using it to help others and improve our world and instead have chosen to become part of the corruption.

This is not legal advice; just a perspective I thought would be helpful to share to understand why I and many will never give up trying to help our children and help end the form of abuse called Parental Alienation. I believe in freedom for ALL not just some. “All” includes women and children and others.

I hope this also provides motivation for many too as we work together in our own communities bringing awareness and understanding to the emotional torture and terror called Parental Alienation so millions of children can feel free to reunite with their loving Mother or Father. Families should help and care for each other, not destroy each other-only an evil person would do this.

***Standing up for your rights, especially the right for children and parents to have a companionship and communicate which is vital to our freedom and way of life.

***If not we return to slavery.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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