Why it is VERY important to FORGIVE (yes, forgive) while also DILIGENTLY and LOVINGLY TRYING TO COMMUNICATE AGAIN with YOUR MOTHER (father), and/or CHILDREN and/or SIBLINGS whom you have been alienated from due to PARENTAL ALIENATION even though communicating again with them may REASONABLY AND RATIONALLY seem SCARY.

I am so happy due to: 1) the recent great progress with MY MOTHER; 2) as GOD keeps reminding me that HE is walking by my side.
NEVER UNDERESTIMATE WHAT GOD CAN DO because bringing me back to health from enduring all of this terror for eleven years now and giving me the ability to make all of this progress towards ending Parental Alienation which is well-documented in public records, on my Website and Facebook page and in my heart too could never, ever happen without the hand of GOD.
As Jewish and other religious teachings state: good deeds do not go unnoticed by GOD which is why I and others believe I have been able to SURVIVE all of this terror AND THRIVE in many ways too.
As my prior post explains which has part of MY MOTHER’S wonderful email; I am so happy because after over thirty (30) years, MY MOTHER and I have begun to communicate again AND her new email to me today CONTINUES to prove that she is diligently and lovingly trying to help me obtain a document I need for the State of Israel so I can make Aliyah, (come to Israel to live which is a “mitzvah,” wonderful thing, for Jews to do).
I HAVE BEEN PRAYING THAT I WOULD REUNITE with not only my Children but also with my Mother, my Sister (Ruthie), and my other Relatives whom most have been alienating me for over thirty years. Some Relatives started to alienate me eleven years ago when the Parental Alienation began. They know personally, first hand, the wonderful Mother that I am but; they still for the past eleven years refused to help me communicate with my Children.
I HAVE ALSO MORE RECENTLY BEEN PRAYING that the Defendants of my Parental Alienation lawsuits INCLUDING my (still legal) husband of over twenty years named Mark Hassman, who is also the father of our three Children; would contact me so that we can ALL WORK TOGETHER to END this epidemic problem of terror in America, Israel and Worldwide called Parental Alienation.
Most if not all of my Defendants are very intelligent, have amazing negotiation skills, hold powerful positions in society and also know people who can be helpful in ENDING this terror.
All of us are humans, we are not GOD. Therefore it is UNDERSTANDABLE that we will make mistakes in life; unfortunately at times, mistakes which seriously harm others. However, GOD has given us the capability to BECOME AWARE of these mistakes and try to honestly and lovingly FIX THEM.
As expected, it takes some people longer than others to REALIZE their mistakes and DEVELOP THE STRENGTH to honestly and lovingly fix them. Remember as MY LIFE PROVES and I have also been told: GOD never gives us more than we can ENDURE and HANDLE.
However, I believe and have also been told by many that it is very important to FORGIVE those who have harmed you knowing that: 1) None of us are perfect; 2) People can and often LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES whether in your lifetime or after you die; 3) Unfortunately, sometimes LEARNING from our mistakes involves seriously HARMING others; 4) It often and reasonably takes time to UNDERSTAND and then CORRECT your mistakes. This is why my recent post discussed the need to be “patient.”
5) GOD is good and very benevolent and therefore must have a PURPOSE(S) for our suffering aside from being a good teacher. 6) Carrying around anger and bitterness is not healthy for you and those you associate with but EXPRESSING Love and Compassion is a very healthy and positive thing to do for yourself and others AND often HELPS OTHERS UNDERSTAND their mistakes whereby they WANT to change their harmful ways and fix their mistakes.
However, sometimes it is SCARY and FEARFUL to start communicating with those whom have harmed you and/or you have harmed. Even MY DAUGHTER who is very smart, kind, compassionate and honest whom I raised, as many facts prove, with a lot of love as the full-time stay-at-home Mother said on the DR. PHIL SHOW that she was SCARED to start communicating with me.
Did MY DAUGHTER say this because she: 1) believed the lies she had been told about me; 2) had been brainwashed against me; 3) had and continues to be threatened against reading my divorce judgment and other public records to UNDERSTAND the TRUTH; 4) had and continues to be threatened against attending therapy with an honest, independent therapist who is not controlled by her father (my still legal husband) and keeps the sessions confidential so she will not be AFRAID to state the TRUTH and then UNDERSTAND that she has nothing to fear by communicating with me, her loving, compassionate, honest Mother who helped her thrive in many positive ways as overwhelming facts prove? (It is called “safe haven therapy” when the sessions are confidential and not repeated to anyone).
In addition, I can tell you that after over 30 years of not communicating with MY MOTHER, as a 61 year old MOTHER MYSELF and more life experiences than many alienated Children; IT IS STILL SCARY, but also exciting for me to now be communicating with MY MOTHER.
It was explained to me that it is SCARY because we are now communicating with people who have in the past caused us PAIN, whether we have UNDERSTOOD the TRUTH that they really caused us pain or that we perceive they caused us pain when they did not and we MISUNDERSTOOD. Life sometimes can be very confusing which includes figuring out the truth.
Further, an Israeli friend explained to me that some people in Israel have POST-DRAMATIC STRESS due to being in the Army and/or experiencing the effects of war and/or experiencing the effects of Parental Alienation which is unfortunately an epidemic problem here in Israel too. He told me that there is a popular Israeli saying: “FEAR is a teacher in school and the school is made of LOVE.” I think that is beautiful and also very accurate.
Thus, it is very important, positive, reasonable and loving to FORGIVE those who have harmed you AND try to mend your relationship and “begin again” with the new knowledge and awareness you have learned and developed.
With that said; HAVE CONFIDENCE that GOD will help you as I believe he is helping me now because good deeds do not go unnoticed by GOD. Live with confidence that Parental Alienation will end as it is beginning to end for ME WITH MY OWN MOTHER AFTER OVER 30 YEARS. I am just thrilled but at times it is “scary” for me too which is REASONABLE TO EXPECT. I am hopeful the Parental Alienation will end soon with my Children and my Defendants and others because this will not only be beneficial for them too in many ways; it will also be very beneficial for Humanity. They can be the leaders that they are very capable of being.
Here is the wonderful email I received today, 21/19/19 at 4:07pm from MY MOTHER and I am thrilled beyond words:
Dear Sara,
I hope you have received your birth certificate. Please let me know because if you have not, I will send you another. Much love, Mom
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Well, this post is getting long so please try to FORGIVE while DILIGENTLY AND LOVINGLY trying to COMMUNICATE AGAIN with those whom you have been alienated from knowing that GOD is walking by your side and have PATIENCE. BELIEVE TOO in GOD’S help as one of my GRANDFATHER BEN’S favorite song attached explains.
As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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