Why Jewish leaders are destroying precious children. Pure Evil.

Our children are our greatest treasures. All through history, parents have moved and embraced the hardships of starting their lives over again in a country which had laws enabling them to provide a better future for their children.

When the excruciating, unbearable pain a parent feels for the suffering their children have to endure, drives them to stop at nothing (legal of course) to protect their precious children, which includes teens and adults; not only is this love and compassion but it is also a moral choice.

All a person has is what he or she believes in and if we give up on our children and don’t help them reach their special potential that God gave them; what have we become?

One group of people which for centuries has fought for freedom and justice has been the Jewish people, of which I am one. This is our tradition as we follow the Commandment to make God’s world a better place for all; tikkun olam. Six millions Jews died in gas chambers fighting for their freedom.

Today there is another war which is destroying the Jewish people preventing Jewish children and families (and many other people too) from experiencing freedom and justice and is called the war of parental alienation.                                                                                                    ***What makes this war so despicable and atrocious is that the Jewish Rabbis and other Jewish leaders have had a major hand in killing the beautiful minds, hearts and souls of their own people; the innocent vulnerable children and their loving, compassionate mother or father. The Jews have no one to blame but themselves.                                          

I being a Jew have been trying to help Rabbi David Wolpe and many other Jewish leaders realize this but they refuse to want to change their corrupt mandate and help humanity as they have a duty in their professional roles to do. They seem to believe that a requirement to becoming a Rabbi or Jewish leader today, means you cannot have a conscience. Thus, they try to defame the loving parent’s character to divert the attention away from the real issues of tyranny and emotional child abuse, using the loving parent as their scapegoat as they try to continue to hide their abusive policies and behaviors which are destroying our beautiful, precious children, families, society and humanity. You know God and his teachings do not support their ways as our children and the sacred parent/child bond are to be revered.

However, since the 1970’s millions of sick, controlling Jewish parents have destroyed the sacred mother/child or father/child bond at the time of divorce as these Jewish Rabbis and leaders have turned their heads and worse, have accepted these sick, abusive parents’ contributions and other gifts.

As the bestselling author Stephen Fried described in his acclaimed book about the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe; (see link below) beginning in the 1970’s when divorce was “epidemic” at his synagogue; this influential Rabbi ignored his own concerns regarding “the future emotional health” of these children from divorce families.                                                       Didn’t he have a responsibility or duty as a Rabbi to protect innocent children and their loving, caring mother or father and not take advantage of their vulnerabilities by emotionally abusing them, especially at a time of divorce when they need love and support?

***Nowhere in any Jewish laws or teaching is the emotional torturing and brainwashing of children and destroying the sacred, loving parent/child bond permitted. It is severely prohibited under all interpretations and in addition these leaders have a responsibility to address these issues with their community so we make God’s world a more peaceful, kind and loving world. Ignoring an abuse problem as the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe did only made it worse. Parental Alienation has affected millions more innocent, precious children and their loving parent since the 1970’s.

As this acclaimed book also shows; the intentional emotional torture of precious Jewish children was ignored in exchange for donations, other benefits and political favors these sick but wealthy and influential, Jewish parents provided his synagogue.

***In Judaism, the measure of a person’s wealth is his knowledge. This is why the Jews have traditionally been the studious, scholarly type. The study of the Talmud and other Jewish teachings would never allow another, especially a Jewish Rabbi or other Jewish leader to exploit innocent children and their loving, compassionate parent. They would never deprive their Congregations and Communities of knowledge; like learning about parental alienation affecting millions of Jewish families. In addition, they would never allow children to be pulled from the loving arms of their mother or father as Hitler did and Jewish Rabbis and other Jewish leaders are doing today. http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/

As this bestselling author showed, the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe began promoting the war of parental alienation and Jewish emotional child abuse by:

  • Deliberately ignoring the emotional torture of millions of Jewish children at the time of divorce,
  • Deliberately destroying the sacred, loving parent/child bond,
  •  And using precious Jewish children as bargaining chips to help fill their coffers, line their own pockets and provide political favors,
  • Not caring about the harm their behaviors caused to these children or their loving, caring parent.
  • Even worse, Rabbis and other Jewish leaders and organizations have been known to carry out a character assignation against this loving, compassionate parent. Pure evil and betrayal, not righteous as Rabbis and Jewish leaders have a duty to behave. (I have evidence of this and so much more).

 *** Rabbis and other Jewish organizations have the responsibility of addressing the needs of their people; not exploiting precious children and their loving caring parent in exchange for monetary or political favors.

  • What do the Jewish Rabbis, leaders and Jewish organizations stand for if they help destroy the hearts, minds and souls of their own people; especially innocent, defenseless children and their loving parent? Divorce is a time when children and their families need more love and support. It is pure evil to emotionally abuse and betray them especially when they reasonably thought they could trust Rabbis and others who have titles indicative of trust. 
  • In addition these Jewish organizations are using our tax dollars they receive as designated non- profit organizations to cause this wanton emotional abuse to innocent, precious children and their loving parent. 
  • This heinous Jewish behavior been going on for about 50 years now resulting in many Jewish people having depraved values and unhealthy family situations which has corrupted our society and humanity. 
  •  I have an abundance of evidence of what I described above regarding the Jewish Rabbis and other Jewish leaders intentionally ignoring the emotional torture of children and also harming the loving, compassionate divorced parent.Specifically I have information regarding this late Rabbis’ influential son,Rabbi David Wolpe; another son Paul Wolpe;Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, head of a major Jewish organization and member of one of President Obama’s committees;Rabbi Daniel Nevins, Dean of a major Rabbinical Seminary; the Board Members and other clergy and others at Rabbi David Wolpe’s Congregation; many Jewish journalists and other Jews and organizations as this information has been gathered over a five year period.

    About five years ago I started consulting Rabbi David Wolpe regarding a situation many experts and professionals had determined was one of parental alienation where my precious children were being brainwashed against me for no valid reason. This has become a common form of child abuse being suffered by millions at the time of divorce; not only Jewish children.

     ***People who emotionally abuse innocent children and their loving parents are not leaders and are not Jews either as this is not our teachings or practices. They are just traitors and evil people.

    I will not accept the ways of these evil leaders who have strayed from God’s laws as they no longer live as Jews.

    Thus, I have personally asked Rabbi David Wolpe to help me bring awareness to parental alienation and help millions of emotionally abused and emotionally tortured Jewish children, their families and others, but he has refused.

     There is something in Judaism called Teshuva. This allows Jews, when they have made a mistake, even a terrible one, they can redeem themselves by apologizing to the people they have harmed, to God and then they must change their evil, harmful ways forever. All these Jewish Rabbis and leaders could do this and begin helping these millions of children of divorce who they have helped emotionally torture, and also begin helping the loving mother or father and begin educating society so we can end this war of parental alienation.

     *** It is never too late to begin again by practicing Teshuva. These Rabbis and other Jewish leaders do not need to continue enforcing their sinister and heinous policy of ignoring parental alienation and defaming the loving parent’s character. They can change their Jewish mandate and adopt policies that truly reflect the teachings of Judaism and the Commandments of God.

     ***Thus, once again, I am asking Jewish leaders, especially Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Julie Schonfeld to join me please in helping these millions of emotionally tortured precious Jewish children. Kindness, compassion and love is a universal language. In addition, if we work together focusing on each of our individual strengths and knowledge, we should make many accomplishments for these children, families and humanity.

     ***We must rise again and rebuild Judaism following the Jewish teachings as this is our salvation as a people, a nation. Our children and family values are our future. Without our precious children and our family values as outlined in our Jewish teachings, we do not have a future as Jews.

     If anyone anywhere can help me bring out the truth about the Jews in the US today by making a film or any other way; please let me know.

    ([email protected]).

     We need to be the voice of millions suffering from the emotional torture of parental alienation. This includes millions of children, Jewish and many others as well as their loving parent.

    In addition our society and humanity is becoming more violent and troubled as these suffering children act out harming others and themselves in schools, theaters, airports and other public places. They do not know how to be kind, caring and discuss their differences in a peaceful manner. They are so quick to fight, argue and harm others and themselves.

     I will continue to fight for justice and freedom for our precious children, families and humanity as millions of Jews before me;

    “If not I, then who?”

     -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org




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