Why my Adversaries who promote Parental Alienation and Profiting from Divorce will continue to Lose and will Fall

I fight very, very hard, smart and fair but NON-VIOLENTLY and with so many good intentions and LOVE in my heart that my corrupt and immoral adversaries WILL KEEP LOSING because they cannot understand love, honesty and what it means to do what is best for your Children WITHOUT PROFITING, but out of LOVE.

Fighting the WORTHY FIGHT of stopping and holding accountable those people and organizations which knowingly, intentionally and repeatedly PROFIT FROM DIVORCE, by stealing the Loving Mother’s property, income,savings etc. and destroying her beautiful companionship she shared with her children so both she and her children are in such a STATE OF SHOCK and suffer many problems; is ending this immoral and unlawful practice called PARENTAL ALIENATION.

One thing I make sure I do, which my wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me and the wonderful Judge I clerked for also taught me; you give your adversaries WARNINGS and an OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE by RECTIFYING the harms they have caused.

I have warned many at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles; The Rabbinical Assembly and many Jewish leaders and organizations;Judge Claudia Silbar; many law firms; executives;an accounting firm; the court ordered therapist; the current wife, my ex-husband’s mother and many others.
Thus, when I strike, non-violently, they will not be able to recover and will be faced with civil and criminal penalties.

It is VERY CLEAR; PROFITING FROM DIVORCE by destroying the Loving Mother’s property, income, savings etc. and destroying the wonderful bond she and her children shared is UNLAWFUL and IMMORAL.

***It is VERY CLEAR; that when you have been warned BUT KEEP PROFITING FROM DIVORCE by ABUSING LOVING MOTHERS and their CHILDREN; this shows your INTENT to WANT TO ABUSE them as the Jews have KNOWINGLY been doing for decades.[http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/ ]

Since I have warned PERSONALLY those I know that are involved; they cannot successfully argue that they did not know this was abuse and harming others especially when I use the analogy to HITLER. 
HITLER destroyed the relationships of Mothers and their Children and stole their property and so did his HENCHMEN.
HITLER killed himself as did many of his henchmen and others have been brought to justice.

So as the Leader of this WORTHY FIGHT to end Parental Alienation and bring JUSTICE to those who have been harmed; sometimes you have realize that those involved will not change and you have to ACCEPT them “as is,” as corrupt, immoral and horrible beyond words. 

Just warn them so they can be held liable for INTENT to commit these acts. Then, you can receive punitive damages and they can REMAIN IN JAIL LONGER too. They are all a menace to our Society as any reasonable person knows. Abuse and theft is unlawful and immoral.

OUR LAWS DO NOT PROMOTE THE ABUSE OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN. The laws of terrorist organizations and terrorist countries do.

Help me spread the TRUTH about Parental Alienation so others will be aware and not be harmed.

As always, none of this is legal advice of advice of any kind, it is just based on my knowledge.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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