Why my Daughter, Sons, the people I sued and those who lead the organizations I sued have many PROBLEMS and OBSESSIONS and why I don’t.

Why my Daughter, Sons, the people I sued and those who lead the organizations I sued have many PROBLEMS and OBSESSIONS and why I don’t.

Specifically WHY:
• my Daughter has gained a lot of weight since the time of the parental alienation and has other bad habits; 
• my Sons have picked up bad habits too which are harming them, including not contacting their Mother;
• and many of the Defendants I have sued regarding their CONSPIRACY to deprive me of my legal rights to receive MILLIONS of dollars from my marriage, spousal support and custody and visitation, appear to have:


• And may even have a Son who committed suicide possibly to escape from the obsessions of his father a Pastor,

• And may even have a Daughter who has alienated him, her father a Rabbi, from her life based upon REASON not lies, schemes and manipulations.

Does this Daughter REASONABLY want to PROTECT HERSELF from her Father’s obsessions which he UNREASONABLY refuses to address and resolve? Did these obsessions also cause his divorce?

As psychiatrists, therapists and other experts have proven; when people commit acts which they are ashamed of, they KNOW in their subconscious they were wrong so they AUTOMATICALLY develop SHAME.
As a person matures and becomes an adult; throughout his or her entire adult life he or she has 3 very important CHOICES to make when presented with CHALLENGES:

1. He or she can choose to acknowledge and address these challenges in a responsible way with REPUTABLE therapy, self-help books and groups; reading classic novels with important lessons, taking classes and using other reasonable resources to help GUIDE THEM so they no longer REMAIN A LOST SOUL IN TORMENT.

2. Or they can choose to IGNORE their challenges which create more and more problems for them. So, to RELIEVE themselves from the pressures of THEIR OWN problems they CHOSE with THEIR OWN FREE WILL to ignore; they start drinking, doing drugs, having a lot of sex, lying and committing other harmful acts like the ones listed above.

However, what they find is that they are so full of SHAME that they live a life of OBSESSIONS and they can’t even RELAX and ENJOY LIFE because they are always LOOKING OVER THEIR SHOULDER because they have harmed so many in life and are fearful of retribution so they are always on guard.

Plus, they are so confused as to REALITY and their schemes, lies and delusions that they have a heart attack, get cancer, high blood pressure or some other illness which has been shown to be brought on by stress.

3. There is also a 3rd choice people make which sometimes goes along with their choice to ignore their challenges; they live a secluded life and only associate with those who agree with them and who they can control so they know they will not be faced with any challenges. They do not want to ENRICH themselves beyond their little world because they are FEARFUL of being faced with a challenge and they don’t want to take the time and effort to reasonably address it. 
Instead they do not reach their BEAUTIFUL POTENTIAL and keep a lot of their skills, emotions and feelings all bottled up inside of them and are never satisfied with their accomplishments because; they know in their subconscious they could be doing so much more to help themselves and others in very positive ways.

HOW DO I KNOW ALL OF THIS? I was born to 2 parents who refused to face their challenges and instead took THEIR FRUSTRATIONS out on me and others. 
I learned to understand their thoughts and obsessions especially since I was 27 years old when I had to sue them to PROTECT my own legal rights.

I gained even more of an understanding because my ex-husband suddenly became just like my parents around year 20 of our marriage so as a wise woman I took myself back to therapy then and still go now but just not as often but to check-in which is very helpful.

***At each stage of our life we are presented with more and more enriching challenges and can grow in many positive ways if we reasonably address them; otherwise a person will become stagnant and often develop obsessions and other problems.

As I was told, wise people address their issues by regularly, not occasionally, exercising, eating a healthy diet, meditating, reading and doing other hobbies and activities to HELP THEMSELVES become the best person they can be WHILE UNDERSTANDING those who keep trying to bring them down to silence the truth or control them for their own depraved interests like abuse or money.

Well, I went and continue to go to therapy and take a small amount of medication to help me UNDERSTAND and cope with:
• missing my Children (as I remember them, not as they appear today) 
• and rectifying my fraudulent divorce judgment (LA Superior Court case‪#‎BC580980‬). 

Thus, I have learned how to take out MY OWN frustrations in a REASONABLE manner by doing many positive activities and hobbies as explained above AND ALSO by surrounding myself with others who have positive values and act accordingly.

Why is my LACK of Obsessions a problem to all of those I have sued and others involved too?
***Because they have to LIE, MANIPULATE and SCHEME to try to show I am a person I am not.

However, Remember, TRUTH will always prevail as many RECORDS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

So, NEVER underestimate me and instead, do what is REASONABLE, and in Judaism this is called Teshuva which means to Admit what you have done and then Rectify the harms you have caused.

***If you refuse, then I will continue to SHOW what YOU have done and the LAW will force you to rectify your harms. 

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice. It is based upon my knowledge and experiences of which I have many since I have faced my challenges in life and continue to do so with great strength, support and pride.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

To all of my followers, those who support me and those who try to silence me…remember Love and Truth will prevail and I am very strong, have a lot of pride for what I am doing and an unbreakable will because I am a Trauma Survivor twice now; once due to my lawsuit with my parents, sister and their attorney when I was 27 and AGAIN now regarding my fraudulent divorce and parental alienation where many, many documents speak for themselves.

I am organized, efficient, experienced and have a lot of love for humanity. So choose wisely; know if you fight me I will bring you down using REASON, MY MIND, MY HEART and THE LAW. This is my way and has always been my way.

What is your way? Is it harming you or benefiting you? Do you have obsessions? Be honest. <3

Enroll in a reputable program which will hold you accountable in RESOLVING YOUR OBSESSION. This is the 1st step and DO NOT feel sorry for yourself. Instead be proud of beginning to RESPECT yourself and YOUR well-being.
Every time you want to take a drink or do drugs; go take a run, or workout or develop a new hobby.
Make this your new habit.
Once you transform your obsession into a new positive habit; you never know what can happen and all the wonderful people who will be WILLING to associate with you. So don’t delay or hesitate and NO excuses either. BE STRONG! 
Also, if you want reasonable people to “believe in you” or “trust you,” you must SHOW THEM you can be trusted PERMANENTLY not just for a day or evening AND that you have positive values and goals and also are DILIGENTLY working towards eliminating any obsessions or bad habits. NO Excuses!
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