Why Parental Alienation is so Horrible and Evil

Parental Alienation is destroying millions of Daughters and Sons and their loving Mother or Father by destroying the relationship they had using lies and schemes at the time of divorce so a sick, controlling, evil Parent can USE THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS and SONS to do things that are corrupt, abusive and will make them miserable and cause problems for them and others in society and ruin their life unless they get help to address this abuse and the behaviors they are being taught and forced to carry out.

People of all ages need guidance and kind, HONEST companionship to help them grow in HEALTHY ways so they do not become miserable and problems to themselves as well as others in society.

Parents have had more life experiences than their Children and therefore can help their Children understand many important issues they will face in life so the choices the Children make will be wise ones and those in their best interest.
A kind, caring and HONEST parent can also help their Children UNDERSTAND their unwise choices they have made so they don’t repeat them and make better choices next time.

The Children’s ability to have a companionship with their loving Mother(father) who is HONEST, CARING and ACTS like she loves them and doesn’t just say the words while doing the opposite is VITAL for the Children’s emotional maturity and to help them develop positive thought processes and behaviors for themselves and then also TEACH these healthy thoughts and behaviors to their own children. This is how we create an honest and peaceful, responsible world and moral humanity.

It is very immoral and evil for a Parent and those helping this parent to destroy this important companionship so the Children are deprived from growing up WITHOUT THE BENEFIT of the love and knowledge and fun times of their loving Mother (father). As many experts have proven, many alienating Parents, like my ex-husband, who were deprived of a relationship with THEIR OWN PARENT AT THE TIME OF DIVORCE, want others to feel their pain or have so many other issues they never resolved themselves and just repeat what their alienating parent did to THEM which was destroy the important bond a loving, HONEST Parent shares with their Daughter and Son.

As a result this alienating parent is continuing the CYCLE of ABUSE, even though he may have received his MBA from Harvard and is a Chief Financial Officer and Certified Public Accountant.
Those helping this father continue this cycle of abuse by HARMING HIS OWN Daughter, Sons and their Loving Mother are Lawyers, a Judge, Rabbis, a Pastor, Administrators of Synagogues and Churches, Therapists, School Administrators, Accountants, Corporate Owners and Executives and Relatives who ALL WORK TOGETHER to make the Daughter and Sons FALSELY THINK by using lies and schemes, that their loving, HONEST Mother has changed so they must now obey them.

As a result this sick evil father and those helping him by using their prestigious titles and connections, can now abuse the Daughter and Sons and take the loving Mother’s money and assets not giving her fair court divorce hearings and not writing lawful documents including the divorce judgment which on its face is in violation of the law.

However, as this very evil and immoral GROUP the alienating father WORKS WITH which includes Lawyers, a Judge, Rabbis, a Pastor, Administrators of Synagogues and Churches, Therapists, School Administrators, Accountants, Corporate Owners and Executives and Relatives; just goes on creating more and more parental alienation with their schemes and lies while believing the Loving Mother and Ex-Wife will not be able to prove their corrupt and immoral acts and hold them accountable. This is how they do business and have been doing business for years as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains. [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/ ] This is how Religious Organizations and Schools have been using their 501c3 and other agreements as IRS and others can verify.

These organizations and individuals are well aware of what they are doing too. Here are sentences from emails I received from the Law Firm who I hired to guide and represent me during the divorce after I had recovered enough from my seizures and emotional abuse and began to realize that my divorce violated the law and I had been deprived of receiving my property and other interests:
“…You had absolutely no bargaining power in the settlement negotiations. The judge didn’t like you…I gave you a substantial discount on your bill.” One email asked for a $5,000 retainer before they would help try to resolve the invalid and unlawful stipulated judgment which THEY drafted, reviewed and signed and also advised me to sign.
One email said: “If you are healthy right now, I helped you get there, don’t forget that. I hope you stay healthy.”
Their final responsive email said; “Sorry I can’t help you.”

When people create unnecessary problems for others like alienating parents and those aiding and abetting them in breaching their fiduciary duty and other unlawful acts; they create unnecessary problems due to THEIR OWN PROBLEMS they never addressed.

There are so many wonderful people in this world who try to make the most of their skills and resources like my friend who has epilepsy. She, unlike me, still needs her epilepsy medicine, ( I still need other medicine to cope with the emotional abuse), she still cannot drive ( I was able to have my driver’s license reinstated), all of her skills have not come back to her (many of mine have); she has a wonderful mother who died (my mother is alive but thinks she had a RIGHT (like I am her property) to use my social security number to set up a fraudulent grantor trust, even after the lawsuit helped change the “kiddie trust” laws but; she still thinks she is right and I am wrong). Both my friend with epilepsy and myself are great artists which is how we met. I meet her soon after I separated and moved to Los Angeles and she was making a beautiful Valentine’s Day card for her Mother she misses very much and I was making something for my Children who I miss very much as any Loving, Caring Mother would. What kind of horrible, evil people would deprive a Loving Mother and her Children of a companionship???

My ex-husband knows or should know he has harmed me and our Children with the help of Family Law Firms including Senior Partners and Founders; a Trust and Estate Law Firm including their Senior Partner and Founder; an Accounting Firm including their Senior Partner and Founder; Sinai Temple in Los Angeles including Rabbi David Wolpe and Howard Lesner the Executive Director and others; Saddleback Church including Pastor Rick Warren and others; a Court Appointed Therapist; Joint Venture Partners including Marji Knitter, her husband MJ Knitter and Paul Moote II and Steve Murow the Managing Partner of many Joint Ventures; Marji Knitter the Administrator of several 401K Plans; my ex-husband’s wife Mikel Sanders-Persky who has signed very questionable tax returns and accepted very questionable distributions and tax benefits and done other very questionable acts; my ex-husband’s mother, Elaine Adelberg who accepted $55,000 per several documents signed “under the penalty of perjury” by my ex-husband; Anand Gala, a Corporate Owner who wrote a questionable $21,500 corporate check; the Family Law Firm who I hired to guide and represent me who ignored the source of payment my ex-husband received for his $37,500 credit card bill and refused to order discovery and demand the documents to show among many things but to begin with how since my ex-husband swore he is “insolvent” and cannot pay my spousal support of $3,000/month which was eliminated could even get approved for a $37,500 credit card and the Family Law Firms guiding and representing my ex-husband and myself during the divorce who ignored a letter requesting an informal accounting of approximately $2 MILLION DOLLARS OF DISTRIBUTIONS made to the community estate and responded with a letter discussing “unadjudicated assets”, being “purposefully concealed” and the risk of “punitive damages.”

Last but not least; Judge Claudia Silbar has ignored all of this evidence and testimony which has been presented in her public courtroom and has been exhibits of documents filed with the court; along with testimony from a Private Investigator and along with State documents showing undisclosed and concealed companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California listing my ex-husband as a Corporate Officer and some companies showing they were removed from a Community Trust along with homes and other investments which has been discussed and proven in her courtroom as the testimony will show.

Regarding the different schedules of trust assets discussed: although my ex-husband is a Certified Public Accountant with his MBA from Harvard, he needed a Law Firm to AID AND ABET him in breaching his fiduciary duty to disclose and distribute community assets and not to take any unfair advantage of me, the ex-wife. My ex-husband needed other Law Firms to make and ignore these unlawful asset transfers and to HIDE OR PROTECT ASSETS from me ( through 501c3 and other agreements), the ex-wife, who is owed a fiduciary duty and also the law requires as most people know; that in a divorce the community property must be completely and accurately disclosed and then fairly distributed 50/50.

My ex-husband needed other Law Firms, Organizations and Judge Claudia Silbar to aid and abet HIM by not ordering discovery and allowing Judge Claudia Silbar, without objection or filing amendments, to base orders on what she “thinks” and also on an invalid stipulated judgment as the court records reflect she has repeatedly done.

I have written emails, letters and left voice messages for many of these Firms, Executives, Religious Leaders, Organizations and others, and discussed these omitted assets and fraud upon the court including the invalid stipulated judgment with Judge Claudia Silbar in her public courtroom and filed notices regarding these issues but; they all REFUSE to even ACKNOWLEDGE their wrongful acts so of course without acknowledgement; they will not rectify them as the emails above show from the Law Firm I hired to guide and represent me.

So I have my own CHOICES to make. I will continue tomorrow explaining more specifically my choice. As I forge forward bringing out this horrible truth so we can end this form of abuse and help millions of suffering Daughters, Sons and their Loving Mother(father); including my own and myself.
If not I, then who?

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is just based on my understanding and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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