Why SINAI TEMPLE is an integral part of the Abuse and Corruption

I want to explain why SINAI TEMPLE is an integral part of the abuse and corruption and how they PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by colluding with the wealthy husband/father, law firms, a judge, executives, the court appointed therapist, a not-for-profit boarding high school which abuses the children if they refuse to alienate their Loving, law-abiding Mother. 
The attached photo shows how Cate School, boarding school forced my minor Son to live with the approval of my horrible and abusive ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and his new abusive wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY. The first photo of his neat room with a bed was before the divorce and parental alienation started. I was still part of his life then.
I could not remove my son from the abuse at Cate School and RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple refused to help me even though he was appalled at the photos because the fraudulent and invalid divorce agreement, without my knowledge and informed consent gave my ex-husband “sole legal and physical custody” even though we had a very detailed shared parenting agreement showing the intent to have a shared parenting arrangement.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE even refused to make a telephone call to the school or my ex-husband to help end the abuse and today, still refuses to discuss and write about parental alienation because he PROFITS as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains….

First, Sinai Temple, the wealthy husband/father, law firms, a judge, executives, the court appointed therapist, a not-for-profit boarding high school collude to INTENTIONALLY destroy the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son bond at the time of divorce. If the children refuse to go along, they are abused by Cate School boarding school and by others as the attached photos show.

This practice of destroying the Mother/Child bond (which includes teens and young adults) has been going on for decades in the Jewish Community. The purpose is to put and KEEP the loving Mother in such a state of emotional abuse, torture and distress so that she is less likely to be able to figure out all this corruption AND hold all those involved accountable.

Bestselling author Stephen Fried does a beautiful job of describing this destruction in chapter 2 of his book “The New Rabbi,” showing how the late father of Rabbi David Wolpe of SINAI TEMPLE; Rabbi Gerald Wolpe carries out this destruction. Here is the link and I have underlined important sentences too. [http://www.palienation.org/…/Chapter-2-for-WEBPAGEThe-New-R…]

Sinai Temple, Saddleback Church, Cate School all which I have sued and others use their non-profit charitable agreement to HOLD the community assets and income which belongs to the loving Mother but was never distributed to her at the time of the divorce. Remember, they do not have to disclose where the money or property came from since it is a “charitable contribution.”

The husband/father controlled the finances and concealed the wife’s 50 percent community property interest. He COLLUDED with the law firms, a judge, executives, the court appointed therapist, a not-for-profit boarding high school to help him conceal them at these “religious” organizations and not-for-profit schools until some Statute of Limitations runs and the wife can no longer claim them; even her retirement and savings. Then they all share her 50 percent share so the divorce is PROFITABLE for all of them. The net worth of my community estate was never established which is illegal and believed to be over FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS ($15,000,000).

Remember, I am an attorney who never worked in a law firm  as an attorney but; clerked for a wonderful Judge so I have the legal skills and also have been able to update the ones I have needed. 
I also stood up for my rights and sued my parents, sister and their attorney when they secretly for years used my social security number and set up a fraudulent grantor trust. 
***At 27 years old, when I found out and refused to go along with their tax fraud scheme; I sued all of them and changed the “kiddie trust” laws so parents can no longer abuse children by using a fraudulent grantor trust as my greedy and corrupt parents, sister and their lawyer did. I STOOD UP FOR JUSTICE AND HELPED FUTURE GENERATIONS. Many tried to make me out to be “crazy,” and a horrible person but the TRUTH PREVAILED and I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF AND SO ARE MANY REASONABLE, HONEST PEOPLE.

The only regret I have is that I agreed to seal the file because my parents, sister and their attorney were so embarrassed. You need a court order to open the file and see all the facts.

So now, ending Parental Alienation is MY WORTHY FIGHT.
All those involved KNOW they are corrupt and evil which is why they keep their actions a secret and PRETEND to be “religious” and “helping others” as they use and abuse them. They hack my computer and contact those I email and try to convince them I am horrible. They also sabotage job applications. All to make me more financially destitute and emotionally upset. This is part of their “game of corruption” to SILENCE THE TRUTH. My parents, tried to make me out to be horrible too but they failed and truth and God prevailed.

My facts are very clear on their face so I will succeed. If I die in the process, someone will pick up my cause. I will not sell my soul and as so many have told me while picketing, they are proud of me. 
I am proud of myself.

This fight is about ME and my values and FUTURE GENERATIONS. It is no longer about MY Children. If they are so ignorant as adults and can’t or refuse to see the truth, I can’t help them. They have CHOSEN REPEATEDLY WITH THEIR FREE WILL to watch their loving, law-abiding Mother suffer and have joined the corruption. They ESPECIALLY know I am loving, honest and compassionate and the lies are lies. So, they will face the law like everyone else. It is heartbreaking but I cannot control what they choose to do. 

As the wise and compassionate judge I clerked for taught me; in a democratic republic, the law applies EQUALLY to everyone. Now it is time from ME to protect myself and the honest values I STAND FOR.

My children are all adults and have been educated at the finest schools and know better. I raised them with my honest and moral values. I am not dealing with an 11 year old. They obviously have decided as adults to support corruption. So they will be held accountable since this is a democratic republic and I am standing up and supporting my rights as I should.

So, I will continue to bring awareness to this corruption and abuse because I AM A JEW who tries to make our society a better place for ALL, which includes women and children.

I have added paypay to my website; it is on every page at the bottom on the left and I will be making additions to my picket signs so everyone driving by will know how to reach me even if they don’t pick up one of my flyers.

So, onward and upward for all of us who stand for TRUTH AND JUSTICE.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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