Why the Establishment and those working with them are petrified since the truth regarding 501(c)(3) agreements is being exposed

Most people, including those in the Establishment are afraid of the unknown. The Establishment is petrified of doing business without the secret use of 501(c)(3) agreements as my case in Los Angeles County Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬ shows and Judge Jeanine Pirro stated in her recent show too. 
The Establishment will no longer be able to keep their donors and the source of the donation a secret:
1. is the source of the donation drug money; 
2. is the source of the donation from a terrorist organization or terrorist government; 
3. is the source of the donation from a community estate where the husband is illegally trying to hide community savings, income and property from his wife;
4. is the source of the donation from other criminal activity?

Non-profit organizations should not be able to keep secret the source of their donations so they are involved in money laundering AND also be able to receive tax benefits for their non-profit status. This is not reasonable as any reasonable and objective person knows and also money laundering is illegal.

The facts of my case show the Establishment and those working with them are even more petrified because many have FIDUCIARY DUTIES to treat me honestly and fairly with regard to matters involving my divorce, which includes the distribution of the community estate worth millions of dollars and matters of custody and visitation and spousal support. 
STEVEN MUROW and other joint venture partners; 
THE MOOTE GROUP now called MOOTE COMPANIES and of course my husband MARK HASSMAN, all owe me the fiduciary duty of treating me honestly and fairly regarding matters involving my divorce.

IN ADDITION, those who do not have a fiduciary relationship with me STILL OWE ME A FIDUCIARY DUTY because if they help a fiduciary breach their fiduciary duty owed to me; they are liable because the fiduciary duty is transferred to them. 
They are put into the shoes of the fiduciary whose duty they helped breach. 
Accordingly, the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and law firms representing other defendants; the non-profit CATE SCHOOL, PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK VALLEY COMMUNITY CHURCH along with my husband’s mistress 
MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY; all owe me a fiduciary duty regarding matters pertaining to my divorce which also include fraudulent restraining orders issued against me and perpetuating Parental Alienation. [American Master Lease LLC v. Idanta Partners, Ltd. et al., 225 Cal. App. 4th 1451(2014)]

All of those mentioned above refuse to help me follow the law by establishing the net worth of my community estate worth millions of dollars so I can obtain a legal and valid divorce. Why do you think they are doing this…think they are profiting and stealing MY community property worth millions of dollars which was not distributed to me and where it was distributed is still a mystery?

Understanding the life to come without the fraudulent use of 
501(c)(3) agreements is what the Establishment and those working with them want to avoid. 
Their secret and fraudulent use has been exposed by not only me but also by Judge Jeanine Pirro on her show and by many journalists, especially in regard to the superPACs. 
This exposure of the secret and corrupt use of 501(c)(3) agreements is not what the Establishment expected and prepared for. 
This exposure is due to the ripple effect of mine and others’ acts of courage to expose the truth which we are doing with great pride and dignity.

The Establishment is sick with grief so the limits they will go to in order to avoid losing their corrupt way of doing business and profiting and remaining powerful remains to be seen. 
As history has shown us; they are commonly narcissists and are so delusional that they will eventually destroy themselves like Hitler did. 
They refuse to be reasonable and objective and realize there is a much better way of living involving truth, peace of mind, helping others grow in positive ways and having compassion.

The Establishment and those working with them only understand ruling with acts of abuse, lies, cheating and deceiving others.

The Establishment and those working with them are not prepared for change because they think they are so entitled that they can avoid it.

Change is a challenge to the unreasonable way of life and the corruption of the Establishment and those working with them. No one from the Establishment or those working with them wants to be the first to step forward and show they are reasonable and have courage to make positive changes in the way they do business and treat others. 
It appears they will all go down together as criminals and abusers as the facts of my case clearly show and their acts continue to show each day.

My lawsuit, which is now in the Court of Appeal, is forcing the Establishment and those working with them to face uncertainty and their fear of changing. 
The Establishment does not know what to do because they cannot continue to secretly use their 501(c)(3) agreements to launder money and property because the secret is out and is being discussed more and more especially during this election year.

What motivates me and many of those like me to keep exposing the truth about what the Establishment is unlawfully doing is to obtain Justice for All.
The Establishment refuses to embrace reasonable changes regarding:
1. the disclosure of the donor and the source of the funds placed into 501(c)(3) agreements and 
2. to report those who create and perpetuate the form of abuse called Parental Alienation. (Continuing to promote parental alienation so a Mother will be less able to realize her community property has been stolen from her and also less able to fight for her legal and Constitutional rights are abusive acts and also constitute being an accomplice if not more.
Why would a person or organization want to do this? 
To Profit at the expense of Women and their Children?).

The Establishment and those working with them have no sympathy for the pain they have intentionally and maliciously caused because they are empty souls with empty hearts and sick minds as the facts show more and more each day. 
They are only content when their enemy who is bringing reasonable and necessary changes to our laws and ways of profiting in business, is destroyed so they can continue to carry out business as usual.
This way, they will not have to face their fears.

As always, none of this is legal or other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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