Why the WORST TYPE OF CRIMINAL are the judges, lawyers, religious leaders, executives, the court-appointed therapist, private schools, my husband and his mistress and others involved in my lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court case # BC5809580.

As experts have proven; many criminals, even inveterate and unrepentant murders, still know they are criminals and in their conscience, know they have done something wrong.

In contrast, these judges, lawyers, religious leaders, executives, the court-appointed therapist, private schools, my husband and his mistress and others involved in my lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court case # BC5809580 REFUSE to even consider themselves criminals and think they have a RIGHT and are ENTITLED to harm others so they can profit and have personal satisfaction.

Even worse; they are using acts of Parental Alienation to abuse young people who are at an age when they can most easily and defenselessly fall under the influence of their abusive, manipulative ways and criminal ideas. This is especially true since their honest, loving, law-abiding Mother has been alienated from their life since the time of the divorce due to lies, schemes and other acts characteristic of form of abuse, terror and torture called Parental Alienation.

Specifically, I and millions of other Mothers in my similar situation over the past several decades have found that judges, lawyers, religious leaders, executives, the court-appointed therapist, private schools, the husband and his mistress:

1. REFUSE TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE the fraudulent and invalid divorce contract signed by the judge, lawyers and in my case, my husband who is a certified public accountant and graduate of Harvard business school (none of them or any of the other defendants will help me rectify the divorce contract so it is lawful and valid);

2. REFUSE TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE the unlawfully issued restraining orders to keep me alienated from my children (remember, I am a law-abiding citizen and no one will help me rescind the restraining orders granted to my husband and his mistress, even now, eight (8) years after the time of the divorce. This is abuse and of course not reasonable but unconscionable and disgraceful);

3. REFUSE TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE the criminal lawsuits filed against me based upon false and misleading allegations by my husband MARK HASSMAN and PASTOR RICK WARREN of Saddleback Church. All these fraudulent criminal lawsuits were dismissed (this is a crime called abuse of process and is obviously very immoral too.);

4. REFUSE TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE the unlawful post-divorce contract of spousal support changes requested by corrupt law firms and granted based upon lies made by my husband MARK HASSMAN and fraudulent documents signed under the penalty of perjury INSTEAD of being based upon the legally required documentation showing the net worth of my husband and other legally required financial information. 
(the divorce contract said I was to receive $4300/month for spousal support and it was unlawfully reduced to $350 every two weeks as my husband and his mistress drive around in their new Lexus vehicles and have other luxury expenses; this is not funny and I am being deprived of my legal rights but the judges and none of the defendants care. Think they are sharing the money and other assets that I should have received? What about my children? Are they willfully sharing it too? );

5. REFUSE TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE the terror, torture and abuse of Parental Alienation which all those mentioned above and other defendants are perpetuating. 
The judges, lawyers, religious leaders, my husband who is the father of our three (3) children, his mistress and others will not even help me UNDERSTAND why my children suddenly alienated me at the time of the divorce even though they thrived in many positive ways when I was part of their life as their stay-at-home Mother.

ALL rabbis and ALL OTHER Jewish leaders in the US refuse to give sermons, refuse to have discussions, classes and other educational events to try to end this epidemic abuse problem of Parental Alienation. They won’t even try to help law-abiding Mothers reunite with their Children.

Rabbi Ralph Resnick of Sinai Temple is among ALL the Jewish rabbis and Jewish leaders who refuse to help address the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation even though he wrote the following letter for the judge of one of the dismissed criminal lawsuits which stated in pertinent part:

“Sara and I have many things in our live’s in common, especially since we are both divorced and both have children whom we love deeply. I think that it is not right that her ex-husband is not encouraging their children to have any relationship with Sara. I believe that this is not in the childrens’ best interests, I have lived through a similar situation in my life and it was not healthy for the children. I know that Sara’s children would greatly benefit from a re-newed relationship with their mother so that they could see, now that they are older, the type of caring individual that she is and experience the values by which she lives her life.”

The judges, lawyers, religious leaders, executives, the court-appointed therapist, private schools, my husband and his mistress and others involved in my lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court case # BC5809580 have quite clearly shown their repeated criminal acts and also their lack of repentance and compensation for the harms they have caused.

Beware because even the most cautious person cannot protect himself or herself from the truth. It is a shame to live life not really knowing anyone and whom no one truly knows because you have sold your very talented mind, capable heart and soul to some collective group so you can all “profit” together at the expense of being able to have peace and love in your life.

***You have chosen to be obedient and stop thinking and feeling.

I chose to give that life up TWICE in my life; once when I sued my parents, sister and their lawyer because I refused to go along with their tax fraud scheme using the kiddie trust laws; and now again when I refuse to ignore my fraudulent and invalid divorce contract and also that I have and continue to be deprived of my legal and Constitutional rights.

When you CONSISTENTLY live a truthful, honest life and are proud of your values and character; you are able to live a life full of peace, love and self-esteem. All the money and power in the world is not worth giving that up for and if you doubt my words; look at all the miserable people who have a ton of money and a lot of power too. Many have so many obsessions, have horrible character and are very angry people. Don’t believe the misconception either that you can abuse someone now and make-up for it later especially if you never repent and feel guilty for your acts.

Also, there is so much more to life than self-preservation; but one must learn to love first. Begin by not inciting others to keep fighting when they are obviously legally and morally wrong; this is a good first step.

***Anyone who fights to perpetuate Parental Alienation, perpetuate a fraudulent and invalid divorce contract and perpetuate depriving a law-abiding Mother of her legal and Constitutional rights is criminal, immoral and unreasonable and is also destroying love and peace not promoting it.

A person must have a reasonable and moral foundation for their actions. Reason and morality are based upon truth, love and compassion and also making our world a better place for truthful, loving and compassionate people.

As the famous author Fyodor Dostoevsky said; A person with a shaky moral foundation would set fire to the four corners of the world out of PETTY VENGEANCE.

Further, as the famous author Leo Tolstoy said: When God wishes to punish a man, he first deprives him of reason.

Thus, any person with a sane mind would do what is moral and reasonable so they can live a life filled with peace, love and self-esteem and help others thrive and reach their potential. 
They would not choose the life where they try to destroy the potential of vulnerable people so they can profit while existing as an obedient robot that is filled with shame, has many obsessions, is angry and not at peace with himself of herself.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my vast knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:





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