Why those who create and promote Parental Alienation will be defeated and Justice will prevail.

Those like my criminal, immoral (still) husband MARK HASSMAN will continue to be filled with anger, shame, a lack of self-esteem and unhappiness because they have created and continue to promote the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation. They refuse to be reasonable and use their mind, skills and education to end it. (I say “still” husband because we have an invalid and fraudulent divorce judgment since he stole all the community assets and I have been deprived of many of my legal rights including Custody, Visitation and an Ongoing Companionship with my Children).

One reason my horrible (still) husband MARK HASSMAN (and those like him) will continue to FAIL AS A HUMAN BEING and choose to act as a brainless, beast without compassion or empathy is because he refuses to ACKNOWLEDGE that it is in our Children’s best interest to have the love and guidance of BOTH their Mother and Father; not just their father. 
Thus, he views Me as his RIVAL instead of someone who COMPLIMENTS his skills, ideas and knowledge. It is either his way or the highway; no one else’s views and ways are allowed in his evil world he has created by destroying the reasonable, thinking minds of our Children. 
This attitude is what will continue to destroy him and others who think and act like him.

My horrible (still) husband MARK HASSMAN (and those like him) believes our Children are HIS PRIVATE TREASURE who he can use, abuse and manipulate as he pleases.
He was INSECURE in socializing if it was not for business. 
Thus, he has CONFUSED LOVE FOR OUR CHILDREN with Independence, Freedom and helping them reach their potential. As a result he has smothered them with his rules to CONTROL THEIR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS using money, lies and schemes including Parental Alienation.

My (still) husband MARK HASSMAN has always been JEALOUS OF MY COMPANIONSHIPS with our three Children instead of being grateful, proud and enhancing them, not undermining them. This is what an evil, controlling, coward does.

*** My (still) husband MARK HASSMAN’S refusal to even give me our Children’s current contact information so we can communicate and try to end this Parental Alienation in time for the upcoming Jewish Holidays is unconscionable and horrific. He has the mind to know better but has obviously become power-crazy and money-crazy not understanding Love or that my thoughts and behaviors are very admirable and worthwhile for our children to understand and see and enjoy first-hand by renewing our beautiful companionships. 
My (still) husband MARK HASSMAN tries to make himself believe that I am a naïve idealist because he thinks his connections, and money which includes millions he stole from me, will enable him to CONTROL JUSTICE. Good luck. He thinks TRUTH has no chance to win against him and his Evil Criminal Conspiracy.
Did he expect me to be able to use my reasonable mind, education, skills and love to challenge him? Of course not. But he is still too delusional to see the Truth and choose to mitigate his damages and bring forth justice by ending the Parental Alienation that has gone on for over nine years now. 
***What an evil fool because he has turned against our laws, reason and also love.

AM I PROUD OF MY CHILDREN? AM I PROUD OF THE VALUES THEY HAVE CHOSEN TO LIVE BY? I would like to know what these values are and how they have chosen to live but I need their contact information and they must not be made fearful from truthfully communicating with me. 
—Why should my (still) husband be legally able to deprive me of communicating with my Children? 
—Why should he WANT TO especially as we are approaching the upcoming Jewish Holidays?

Silencing the truth will not make my (still) husband’s fake reality and those like him possible; it will only fill them with more anger, shame, grief and unhappiness. 
They have to make themselves honest and worthy in order for them to have the reality they seek and be able to live up to their fake images.
But beasts like this do not value their own lives because if they did; they would not live in the state of unhappiness, grief, shame and unfulfillment like they do as they destroy themselves with all of their obsessions.
They are fools and cowards. I have a peaceful legal battle to fight because they want their lives to continue as they are while the rest of us suffer at their expense.

Make no mistake; it takes a very devoted, courageous Woman and Mother with integrity and an exceptional mind of reason to remain as such among these brain-destroying predators with depraved values.
I have an intransigent devotion to the pursuit of Truth and obtaining Justice for generations to come by reasonably changing our laws, like I did in 1985 to abolish immoral and criminal ways of profiting. In 1985, my lawsuit against my crooked parents, sister and their attorney helped change the “kiddie trust” laws so parents, a sibling and their attorney could no longer profit by using their child’s social security number along with a fraudulent grantor trust. Now, the 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit laws must be changed to make Parental Alienation obsolete. One should be applauded for doing this; not degraded, ridiculed and silenced.

However, I am not looking for admiration from fools and criminals. I HAVE MY OWN HIGH STANDARDS WHICH THEY CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND. They don’t even understand why they keep doing the “work” they do except for a dirty profit since their “work” has little or no intrinsic value. They just blindly, with their foolish mind, want to be part of some Evil Criminal Conspiracy and will lie and make up all kinds of schemes to profit from this evil conspiracy.

Making arbitrary and capricious judgments by crooked judges with the aiding and abetting of crooked law firms and others throws the Scales of Justice off balance. Using one’s reasonable mind, along with their courage and sense of morality and compassion by diligently applying the laws to all the facts is what keeps the Scales of Justice balanced and what I strive to keep doing with my State and Federal lawsuits along with my education, skills and experience.

I am thrilled with my progress and that more and more facts are being exposed as we are obtaining justice.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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