Why those who destroy the bond between a Loving Mother and her Children are DESTINE TO FAIL

Why those who destroy the bond between a Loving Mother (father) and her Children at the time of divorce and thereafter called Parental Alienation are DESTINE TO FAIL, despite all of their money, power and influence.

The very sick parent who is even CAPABLE of creating the EMOTIONAL ABUSE and EMOTIONAL TORTURE called Parental Alienation and the corrupt Judges, Lawyers, Rabbis, Pastors, Religious Organizations, Schools, Court Appointed Therapist, Executives, Accountants, new wife and others who are CAPABLE of aiding and participating in this emotional abuse and emotional torture and for a PROFIT TOO are INTENTIONALLY playing with the LIVES of Loving Mothers and their Children. This is their INTENT. They think it is a fun GAME; their entertainment which they are ENTITLED to carry out.

They should all know better and instead play with speed boats, race cars, airplanes, ski jumps, skateboards, poker and other forms of gambling and “things” along that line that give them a thrill or a rush; not the lives of VULNERABLE children, teens and young adults and their Loving Mother (father).

Some people may think it is “cool” to accomplish daring stunts and win poker, golf and other bets but NO ONE, with a sound mind, will think it is “cool” to DESTROY the hearts, souls and minds of millions of Children and their Loving Mother; not even the worst thief or gambler; even they have their LIMITS of how far they will go.
This is why my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and all those who have chosen to participate with him in destroying the companionship my Children and I shared and participate with him in stealing, converting and/or concealing my property which should have been distributed to me at the time of the divorce and participate in concealing sources of income of my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN will not receive any mercy before a jury.
It is a foregone conclusion.

Destroying the bond between a loving, nurturing Mother and her Children, which includes teen and young adult children is a heinous crime as any reasonable person understands, which includes a jury of twelve.

Then stealing the Loving Mother’s property and money including her savings and retirement so she faces financial problems and other problems and also can’t help her Children with their’s is another heinous crime of terror.

***Love, compassion and common sense along with truth and God will always TRUMP dirty money, corrupt influence and abuse.

If you don’t believe me, watch what is going on around you and watch what continues to go on. Change your evil ways before your evil ways destroy you.

-By Sara Hassman, Parenal Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org



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