Why would a Person try to HIDE Money, Luxury Purchases, Retirement Plans, Bonuses, and other things If They were Honest?

Why would a person try to hide money, luxury purchases, retirement plans, bonuses, and other things if they were honest? They wouldn’t. This is why many sick, evil alienating parents have to:

• remarry someone who is corrupt like them and will go along and willingly hide these things and help them alienate the children;

• have a secretary and other employees who are corrupt and will also willingly lie for them;

• have colleagues who are corrupt and will willingly help them hide the money and also destroy the sacred parent/child relationship;

• and even commit such evil as getting the precious children involved in their illegal schemes thinking the loving parent will not be able to sue their own adult children. (this can also be Civil Extortion which is a serious crime).

• their lawyers and accountants can be implicated too if they advised them to or helped them break the law. Lawyers and accountants have professional duties of conduct and ethics to uphold and can lose their license and also face prosecution. (For example, if they tell their client not to pay the court ordered child support when they know they can).

This scenario is all part of a pathetic situation which millions of divorced, loving parents face; especially those who were married to executives and other successful spouses like those portrayed in the award winning documentary ‘Inside Job.’ This documentary illustrates the corruption of Wall Street executives, their colleagues, employees and other associates.

***Healthy relationships are based on trust so it is reasonable that spouses SHOULD trust one another.

A loving spouse, who has had a nice marriage for many years does not even reasonably THINK his(her) spouse will lie to them, hide marital assets or especially turn their precious children against them. This is why parental alienation is emotional abuse and intentional infliction of emotional distress for the loving parent as well as the precious children. This is a “serious betrayal of trust” among many other horrible things.

As a responsible, loving parent, we must guide our children within the confines of the law. If our adult children choose to break the law, often we cannot ignore their actions or we would become part of the crime too. Yes, there can be mitigating circumstances like duress, civil extortion and things along this line.

But the bottom line is;
WE cannot take the law into our own hands. We must abide by the law and expose the truth, the facts. Then it is up to the authorities to prosecute those who have violated the law as this is a Democracy.
To do otherwise, we would be living in a dictatorship and an unjust society where the law only applies to some people. We cannot promote this even if our own adult children are involved. Also, if young adult children are not made to understand that they MUST obey the laws, they will continue to do corrupt things, living a life of corruption and harming others.

This is such horror and evil but we must continue to uphold moral and righteous values and lead by example. If this causes others to be punished for their corrupt behaviors, and this includes our adult children, well this is what a democracy is. We must obey the laws or face punishment.
With great sadness.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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