Will my own Adult Children be included in the group who has stolen my community assets and spousal support and need to be criminally and civilly charged? Are they brainwashed or willingly going along?

Why the following people who head organizations and the following individuals need to be PUT AWAY so others in our society will not be harmed by their abuse and evil which they think they are entitled to carry out. Some even think it is funny and a game to cause a loving, law-abiding Mother to suffer so they can profit and benefit in unlawful ways. Will my OWN ADULT CHILDREN be included?

I have been alienated from my Children for over seven (7) years now and I am a fit, law-abiding, loving, kind person as public records show. I have also been deprived of receiving my 50 percent of the community estate worth MILLONS of dollars and my lawful amount of spousal support. 
As any person with a sound mind can understand; this parental alienation and financial devastation has and is expected to inflict upon me serious problems. 
***As HITLER proved to the world; depriving a loving Mother of her companionship with her children will cause serious emotional, psychological and physical problems. It is truly a miracle I can function as well as I can. As the acclaimed book “The Art of War” explains; EMOTIONAL and FINANCIAL DEVASTATION will destroy your enemy.

***DIVORCE IS NOT A WAR; it is a LEGAL PROCESS to dissolve a marriage contact, lawfully, not fraudulently.

These people listed below and others who have and continue to carry out their acts of parental alienation and financial devastation think it is acceptable to harm a loving, law-abiding Mother/wife financially and emotionally which is why parental alienation has become an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM along with PROFITING FROM DIVORCE using Charitable Agreements with the collaboration of judges, law firms, religious organizations, private schools, business executives, the court-appointed therapist and others.

******If MY CHILDREN, who are now all adults, ALSO think it is acceptable to harm me emotionally and financially, please understand, our laws must apply EQUALLY to everyone since this is what Democracy means. 
1)***If you have received MY property and money which should have been distributed to me and as a result I am suffering both financially and emotionally; you will be held accountable. This is reasonable, objectivity and justice. 
2)***If you have been BRAINWASHED or have been THREATENED, then let these facts be known so you will not be held accountable. Otherwise, the FACTS WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES as the money is traced and other documents are exposed. This is not a game or a joke; this is the law and my life and the values our nation was founded upon: TRUTH and JUSTICE for ALL.

As my civil lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬shows, the following people are involved in causing and perpetuating these harms I have been and continue to suffer from:
MARK F. HASSMAN, Individual; (my ex-husband who created and perpetuates parental alienation and has stolen my property and spousal support. He is a certified public accountant and a graduate of the Harvard Business School and has been a successful Chief Financial Officer and Financial Consultant for decades.)

The following are all helping my ex-husband perpetuate parental alienation and steal my property and spousal support).
ALAN SHIFMAN, Owner of Law Offices of Alan Shifman; 
STEVEN M. MUROW, Partner of Moote Pointe Properties, LLC; Moote Pointe Partners, Moote Pointe X, LLC
ALAN D. LIBERMAN PhD., (the court-appointed therapist who wrote a false report. He also held unethical therapy sessions between myself and my minor Son allowing my ex-husband to be privy to confidential information so he could brainwash my minor son and force him to say what HE wanted him to so the sessions were a sham).
MARJI KNITTER, Individual; 
MJ KNITTER, Individual; 
MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY, Individual;(my ex-husband’s current wife who has signed fraudulent tax returns accepting delayed tax refunds and other inchoate property interests which belong to me. She is aware but does nothing. She also has a restraining order against me granted without any legal or rational basis which prevented me and still prevents me from attending my Children’s graduations and other celebrations and events if she is there.)

SINAI TEMPLE (Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Ralph Resnick, Executive Director Howard Lesner. All of them have kept me alienated from my Children even though they know or should know I am a law-abiding, loving, honest person and have committed other unlawful acts including but not limited to unlawfully using charitable agreements.)

SADDLEBACK VALLEY COMMUNITY CHURCH (Pastor Rick Warren, has have kept me alienated from my Children even though they know or should know I am a law-abiding, loving, honest person and have committed other unlawful acts including but not limited to unlawfully using charitable agreements.)

COUNCILMAN HARRY SIDHU of Anaheim appears to be helping my ex-husband hide community assets and also perpetuate the parental alienation.

NICHOLAS SAMIOS of Westminster, Maryland who hides his address, telephone number and other contact information but like Councilman Harry Sidhu, paid the community estate which my ex-husband controlled, substantial consulting fees but refuses to disclose this information so I can finalize my divorce so that it is no longer fraudulent but complies with the law. (a letter from The Law Offices of ALAN SHIFMAN dated July 24, 2009 discusses these “substantial consulting fees”the community estate received from COUNCILMAN HARRY SIDHU and Nicholas Samios)

I have some very dear friends who have physical disabilities which cause them to suffer daily. Activities like walking which many of us take for granted; my friends sometimes have trouble doing, even with their medicine. 
*******To cause parental alienation and financial devastation for Anyone so that as expected they suffer from problems WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED, shows how evil and sick all those people are. They have free will and can help the alienated parent and children reunite and also help the mother (father) obtain a lawful divorce which includes receiving her 50percent of the community estate.

I have a photograph of a very dear friend of mine who was a volunteer for the SPECIAL OLYMPICS in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. (too large to upload here) This backdrop was used for fun to show how much the Volunteer’s love, kindness, compassion and efforts were appreciated. 
*** For all of you horrible, sick, evil people listed above and others who have created and perpetuated parental alienation and have profited from divorce at the EXPENSE of the loving Mother (father) and the Children of all ages; go spend time with the participants of the Special Olympics and maybe this will help you realize how horrible you are so you will turn yourself in and get the help you need.

Regardless, I stand strong and will defend my LEGAL RIGHTS and those of millions of others to have a lawful divorce and a companionship with their children after divorce and not be faced with acts of parental alienation and financial devastation.

As my wise Grandfather Ben taught me; without your good values and character, you have Nothing so always defend them.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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