Will you fight for your rights or become a slave?

You either fight for your rights or become a slave to those who are abusive and corrupt because they are trying to take your rights away so they can benefit financially or in other ways.


If you chose to not fight for your rights so you become a slave, then you will eventually do the same to others by trying to control them and take their rights away. This is what you have been taught and you refuse to be reasonable and seek therapy so you can understand why you made the choice to become a slave instead of standing strong and fighting for your rights.

To make matters worse, many of these slaves take PLEASURE in torturing and abusing others because they are so sick. Some try to claim this is their religious or professional “duty;” but any reasonable person knows better to believe this. Is it your job to kill and destroy or to heal and make positive changes?

If someone does not even care about the health and safety of their own children or grandchildren, as their actions continue to show; then who has the sick mind here?

Many are afraid for others to get to know them too well because then they will understand their sick mind; which I do because my parents had this mind and now so does my ex-husband, children and all of those I have sued. So, they keep trying to “shut me down” before I keep exposing more and more of the truth about them and their abuse and corruption.

For the Jews and Jewish organizations I have sued; your acts show you are trying to finish what Hitler started. You are not really Jews because Jews try to help each other and not destroy relationships and steal the Mother’s assets, savings and deprive her of her lawful alimony; all of which she is legally entitled to whether you like it or not. This is the law. But you don’t follow the laws because you think you are entitled and don’t have to. You are delusional.

They want to keep living in their “paradise” by profiting from their lies, abuse, theft and other corruption. So why give it up?
I am a big thorn in their side and ruining their ability to keep secretly running their game of corruption and abuse. They will never stop because they are not reasonable and do not know how to love. 
***They are ignorant of the beauty in this world and what they are missing. They lack the wisdom of yielding or in Judaism what is called “Teshuva.” This is where you become reasonable, admit your mistakes, repair the harms you caused and begin again with positive values and habits. In other words, you cross-over and step into FREEDOM.

I hope this post helps others understand the minds of all those involved in creating and perpetuating parental alienation and understanding why they act the way they do.

As my lawsuits continue, they are going very well for all of those who support truth and justice for ALL. 
My appeals have been filed and I have sued the law firm of the Judge, the law firm of her court-appointed therapist and the law firm of the law firm which represented my ex-husband for the divorce and for post-judgment matters. 
All these parties will need to explain why they filed motions and provided other legal representation that lacks a legal basis and why they support the sworn declaration of “the big man” Phil Seastrom which says my complaint is “baseless.” Phil was supposed to “save” all of them but has made the legal situation severely worse for himself and all the others. Oh well; this is what usually happens as the abusers, cheaters and liars destroy themselves.

It is getting very interesting because the truth and the conspiracy is becoming clearer and clearer to those who have not lost their mind and are not delusional but are reasonable.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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