With Love Comes Responsibility

IF YOU LOVE CHILDREN AND YOU LOVE OUR COUNTRY…   How can you turn your head while our children suffer and become a burden to society?

Ben Carson, the renowned Johns Hopkins surgeon, speaker and activist has been trying to help Americans recognize that “we need to speak up” and that “freedom is worth pursuing and it’s worth fighting for”.

Rachel Maddow, a highly regarded television political commentator and author, mentioned on her show recently that changing the law is not easy — and she is right. But what alternative is there if we truly want to put an end to parental alienation?

Changing the laws that indirectly support parental alienation will get to the root of the problem. Many of our laws encourage parents, individuals and organizations to use parental alienation strategies to their benefit and to the detriment of our children.

The laws must be changed so that they are used for their intended purpose and they:

  • eliminate the legal monetary and tax incentives for those using parental alienation strategies
  • enforce fines and sanctions against them as a further deterrent

We must fight for these affected children and teens who, due to their tender ages and the manipulation of their minds, are unable to fight for themselves.

  • Shouldn’t responsible, loving, caring parents and members of society help these millions of children instead of just letting them suffer and become burdens to society?

The laws that need to be changed:

1)   The law must no longer allow Judges to issues restraining orders at the request of parents during the marriage, or after a divorce without any rational basis and evidence showing the other parent as having a pattern of being unfit over a reasonable period. And certainly not during the period of divorce, when the alienating parent will use strategies to make the alienated parent look unfit. There is no burden of proof for restraining orders as a Judge has the discretion to issues them upon request without a showing of a rational basis or evidence of a pattern of unfit and dangerous behavior.

Therefore, current law allows Judges to use restraining orders as tools to encourage parental alienation since they can be issued against another parent merely upon request. This results in the children becoming fearful of their loving, fit parent and aids the alienating parents in their efforts to destroy the sacred parent/child bond. As many experts have proven, there are specific patterns of behavior exhibited by both parents and the children when parental alienation strategies are used.

2) It is also only reasonable that our current laws are amended to include Parental Alienation as a legal cause of action so alienating parents and others who help them (both individuals and organizations, jointly and severally) will all be fined and sanctioned by the Court for using parental alienation strategies.

For example:

  • for defying the divorce decree by not sending medical or progress reports to the alienated parent;
  • for accepting contributions in exchange for neglecting their duty to help the children or teens understand or end the parental alienation;
  • for accepting 3rd party checks for tuition or other expenses while not disclosing this to the IRS or alienated parent upon request;
  • for giving guidance on how to hide assets and income from the alienated parent or the IRS
  • for writing or submitting a false report or statement to the Court or any publication

Making this legislative change will serve as a deterrent to help end parental alienation since those who engage in parental alienation will know they and also their organization or school will be fined and sanctioned.

3)   The law must require that in a divorce proceeding and settlement the showing of ALL assets and income by both parents which must be used to calculate the division of the marital or community estate, spousal and child support. A Judge cannot solely use W-2 income and ignore these other assets and income even if they were placed in an LLC or other entities during the marriage or are part of the marital/community estate.

4) Furthermore, a parent who violates this law by hiding assets and income must be sanctioned since this is fraud and a deliberate misrepresentation upon the Court and others, tantamount to lying on a financial statement to obtain a loan.  Individuals or organizations that assist this parent in hiding assets and income must also be jointly and severally liable since this is fraud and deliberate misrepresentation on their part as well.

5) When both parents are loving and fit, shared custody is in the child’s best interest (providing both parents want custody).

Currently, family laws allow children to choose the parent they want to live with (have custody) and this must be changed.

Not only is this not in the child’s best interest, this not a rational decision to place upon children since they do not have a clear, unbiased understanding of the various difficult issues and long term effects. Often they choose a parent for an irrational reason (such as less parental supervision, financial benefits, etc…)

-by Sara Hassman-


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