Women and their children apparently are not considered by the JEWISH JOURNAL of LOS ANGELES and also RABBI DAVID WOLPE, author of this story to be “people.”

Over the past seven (7) years, I have emailed and called several writers and the editor of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles. I have also emailed and called many at SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles including Rabbi David Wolpe, other Rabbis, Administrators and those on the Board of Directors. I contacted them about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and why they are ignoring this. I also contacted them to explain why I was banned from going to Sinai Temple for both public and private events since 2013 even though I am an honest, law-abiding person.

No one will even acknowledge my EXISTENCE let alone give me reasonable and responsible answers as Jews and respectable, responsible people should.

***Wouldn’t YOU want to help an honest, law-abiding Mother and her Children restore their relationship which abruptly ended at the time of divorce without any reasonable or rational reason but so the Mother can intentionally become inflicted with pain and distress and suffer making it easier for them to abscond with her money and property from her marriage leaving her destitute and heartbroken. 
What a deal!!! 
This is not Judaism but terrorism and also against the law and society norms and morals as any person with a sound mind knows or should know. This is what my lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court is all about‪#‎BC580980‬.

In the current edition of the Jewish Journal dated November 13-19, 2015 there are two (2) articles which caught my attention. The first one is “How several Jewish geniuses changed everything: Einstein; Michelson, Hertz and Minkowski” on page 7. 
The second article is entitled “a funeral for a civil rights activist, terror victim Richard Lakin” on page 11 written by Rabbi David Wolpe.
I don’t profess to be a genius but I do profess that the facts I have uncovered in trying to reunite with my Children for over the past 7 years since the time of the divorce when the Parental Alienation began can legally, ethically and responsibly force many businesses, professionals and individuals in our society in the United States to change their abusive and corrupt models and behaviors or face criminal and other legal consequences.

Why shouldn’t honest, compassionate, responsible people want to abolish Parental Alienation and Polygamy? The legal steps necessary to complete a divorce have not been completed so I am not divorced yet even though my ex-husband is remarried. 
The law firms; judges; my ex-husband who is a certified public accountant and chief financial officer with a Harvard business school degree; many successful executives; the court-appointed therapist, religious leaders and others know or should know the required steps necessary to complete a divorce and know or should know mine has NOT been completed. If they don’t they should be disbarred or lose their professional licenses.

Again, they won’t even acknowledge my EXISTENCE by having a reasonable, civil discussion. 
Instead, they keep violating the law, incriminating themselves more and more and incriminating others who join their “cause” in trying to cheat me out of receiving the fruits of my labor from my marriage of over 20 years so I become more and more destitute and have other expected problems too. 
What about my Children? Do they not care that they have turned them into liars and cheaters who for some unexplained reason act like their loving, law-abiding Mother who taught them many important lessons, no longer EXISTS and they must act like she is DEAD. 
***This is why divorce and Parental Alienation have become epidemic problems…they are profitable. This is not Judaism or any other reasonable religion. This is terrorism and finishing what HITLER started.

On page 11 of this JEWISH JOURNAL is the article written by RABBI DAVID WOLPE which shows his greed, sick, hypocritical behavior. How can a Rabbi refuse to discuss parental alienation which has been an epidemic problem in the Jewish community since the 1970’s as bestselling author Stephen Fried describes in Chapter 2 of his book “The New Rabbi,” but write this article?

In this article RABBI DAVID WOLPE discusses the “cycle of terror,” and about “people who so desperately want to live in peace.”

Does RABBI DAVID WOLPE think women are not people who want to live in peace?
Does he think women lose their rights when they get divorced and are no longer considered people? 
What about children; are they not considered people either? 
Are only wealthy men considered “people” and have a “right” to take advantage of women and children because women and children are not considered “people?” 
Is this modern day slavery?

***If you disagree with what I am saying then how do you reasonably explain why RABBI DAVID WOLPE (and all other Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations) refuse to discuss Parental Alienation and refuse to try to abolish it? 
You know they have the platform and resources so what is their excuse?
They are profiting.

They are part of the criminal conspiracy and I can prove it. If I couldn’t; all these Jewish leaders, Jewish organizations and others in the Establishment would have ALREADY sued me for libel and slander and stopped me from repeatedly making these statements. They can’t sue me because to prove libel and slander, one has to prove truth and they know I have been truthful.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences. 
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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