Wonderful news for OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation as my still legal husband; the evil, criminal, immoral, delusional Predator Mark Hassman shot himself in the foot along with all those in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE due to his latest lies and schemes in trying to claim I don’t deserve any support and any assets or income from the community estate from our marriage of over twenty years.

With his new criminal filings PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN by evil design is trying to put into the record that somehow, like law firm founder and senior attorney PHILIP SEASTROM charged HIM $285 an hour, he is trying to IMPUTE Seastrom’s earnings and billable hours to ME since I am filing my own legal documents and work in my own legal defense which is my Constitutional Right to do. I can represent myself and have done a much more honest and effective job than any of my attorneys which violated my legal and constitutional rights as they know or should know.

PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN is attributing $285 an hour of income to Me and that I somehow make 4 or 5 times more than HE, MARK HASSMAN makes and is trying to compare my earnings he MADE-UP with his ACTUAL earnings. He concluded that I earned since May 2014 a million dollars a year. 
I am not joking. 
PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN currently makes the amount of income used to compute the original court-order spousal support of $4,300/month in the divorce judgment he signed along with Mommy JUDGE SILBAR and all the attorneys. PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN is trying to appease and cover-up his and their crimes with his lies which he tries to construe as credible evidence.

So PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN wants to accuse ME of being a criminal, as per his and my evil adult son STEPHEN’S declarations from June 5, 2009 used by Daddy JUDGE LON HURWITZ to deny me of custody, visitation, community property and spousal support while my attorney with 25 years of experience named PAMELA SHAFFER looked the other way. She never even told me my legal rights to due process and custody and visitation were PRE-EMPTED and she is a Mother too. How disgraceful aside from being criminal and immoral and a breach of her fiduciary duty which can all get her disbarred and to suffer other sanctions.

Then PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN changes My earnings to what I earned as a caregiver and what he paid me in spousal support. He is accusing ME of tax evasion which is absurd. It is a moral inversion because it is HE who has earned millions of dollars, never had a bankruptcy, swore under oath before Mommy JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR that he needed to reduce my spousal support to ZERO because he was “insolvent,” but I, NOT HIM, am a “predator” for defending my Civil and other Legal rights.

***However, if PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN can prove that I am a criminal due to all of these invalid and illegal restraining orders requested by PHILIP SEASTROM and MARK HASSMAN himself, and granted by Mommy JUDGE SILBAR and Daddy Judge/Commissioner LON HURWITZ, they can keep putting me in jail and repeatedly denying me of my Constitutional Rights.

Then all my Constitutional Rights will be PRE-EMPTED by their criminal and illegal judgments and orders. As PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN and all the others in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE intended and engineered; MARK HASSMAN will not have to pay me any spousal support or any community property or income if I am deemed a criminal or a felon.
Good going dear. 
Great epistemology and moral inversions and predator behavior. 
Wait until YOU hear from some authorities along with those in your PREDATOR CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE.

Also, PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN’S arguments and logic are very convoluted and delusional for many reasons. First, I am not a licensed California attorney; I clerked for a judge in Maryland for many years. I can’t bill like Philip Seastrom but MARK HASSMAN states that I somehow earn $285/hour and 4 or 5 times more than him which is pure nonsense and DELUSIONAL PROJECTION. I never said I was worth that as he claims I did. This is delusional and he has a PATTERN of putting words in my mouth and making-up my values and character when overwhelming evidence PROVES I am known for my loving, honest and law-abiding values and character.

PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN is trying to put into the record lies for Mommy JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR in regard to California code section 4320 which requires complete reevaluation of community property, spousal support, child support, retirement income and personal net worth BEFORE ANY CHANGES in spousal support can be made.

Thus, PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN is trying to PRE-EMPT my legal rights just like JUDGE LON HURWITZ did on June 5, 2009 and just did again with these new filings he signed for my still legal husband PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN.

However, NOW PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN goes back and tried to claim on December 31, 2014 in yellow highlighting that he can STEAL all of my assets but Mommy JUDGE SILBAR can claim “in a marriage of over 10 years, there is no guidance as to what is a reasonable period of time to have spousal support because the facts and circumstances of each case control that discretionary finding.”

But, in complete contradiction, then Mommy JUDGE SILBAR, WITHOUT considering any financial information and WITHOUT considering any evidence of the very well documented Parental Alienation; outrageously and unlawful states; “but I am advising Ms. Hassman today that the law does expect that she be self-supporting within a reasonable period of time.” Well, give me MY legal interest in the community estate as should have been done at the time Mommy JUDGE SILBAR reviewed, signed and filed the illegal, invalid and criminal divorce judgment on May 7, 2010.

Mommy JUDGE SILBAR knows or should have known she needed to set aside the stipulated judgment and demand that it be revised so it complies with our laws. But, PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN claims he has proven the Gavron factors for her as a favor and also somehow I have committed domestic violence even though I haven’t seen him in over ten years except at court hearings and I live in Los Angeles and he lives in Orange County. He also says domestic violence is not limited to “physical” harm and that I should go to jail for some undefined non-physical domestic violence. PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN is a nut and very delusional. He is trying to use his Harvard education and all his financial expertise to “clarify” issues for Mommy JUDGE SILBAR and Daddy LON HURWITZ. This is his idea of proof.

***A loving, law-abiding American Woman and Mother has a legal right to have EQUAL RIGHTS. In other words, a loving, law-abiding American Woman and Mother is NOT TO be deprived of her rights by being SEPARATED FROM HER AMERICAN CHILDREN and also by having her COMMUNITY ASSETS AND INCOME STOLEN FROM HER.

However, PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN is trying to tell Mommy Judge Silbar that she should take away MY spousal support because I have no rights because I am some type of criminal based upon his delusional projections and delusional statements.
Then PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN tries to use California Family Code sections to say that because he PROJECTS that I have violent behavior he concludes that I ACTUAL do; when I have no history of any criminal or violent behavior for my entire life of over 60 years.

Then PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN tries to analyze the court minutes from September 12, 2017 which summarizes the criminal, illegal and immoral behavior, judgments and orders made by Mommy JUDGE SILBAR. The minute order is ambiguous and validity STILL has not been proven for any restraining order, vexatious litigant conviction or any other protective orders.

PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN is mixing a criminal legal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt with a civil matter of divorce. I have never been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by any jury. Poor baby, he thinks HE is being harassed, and HE is the victim.
PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN says the case started with a stipulated judgment. Dear, the stipulated judgment says YOU are ordered to pay $4300/month of spousal support but does not address the legally required value of the net worth of the community estate under your control, its 50/50 division and its 50/50 distribution. Remember, I am not a SLAVE and have EQUAL RIGHTS.

I have been accused of being “unhappy” with the dissolution of the community estate but I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE DISTRIBUTION IS.

I continue to defend my rights but Mommy JUDGE SILBAR ambiguously claims I am being disruptive and continues to deny me of my Constitutional Right to Due Process. She clearly is NOT an impartial judge.

Poor baby PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN wants SENTENCING to be carried out by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR on August 16, 2018 because HE THINKS HE IS BEING HARASSED and that I do not understand the law AND THAT I AM A SLAVE AND I HAVE NO RIGHTS. He keeps repeating the lies and his delusional conclusions. Mommy JUDGE SILBAR so far has gone along with his lies and schemes to cover herself and everyone else in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ACT.

PREDATOR MARK HASSMAN thinks his lies are evidence but will Mommy JUDGE SILBAR continue to support him and jeopardize her own livelihood and reputation? What about the others in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE.

I am thrilled with all the evidence which continues to be exposed, in public records too. I will keep you posted as to what JUDGE SILBAR does on August 16, 2018, this Thursday. If I do not have a post by the evening of August 16th, then it probably means I was sentenced to jail or that my computer has been hacked again. 
To find out you can call Judge Silbar’s secretary at (657) 622-5263 and the case number is 09D002792 and the name is In Re Marriage of Hassman.

Also know that many wonderful things are happening for those of us who support OUR REVOLUTION which promotes truth, love, equal rights, justice for all, ruling with reason and not authority and making our world a better place for honest, kind, and compassionate people.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
:: Parental Alienation Solutions ::
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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