Wonderful news; I have been having a great time especially since businesses, beaches, government offices and other places are now open in Israel and many tourists have begun to return too. Also, a wonderful song.

Last night I met a friend for ice cream and a nice walk who thoughtfully brought me beautiful red roses in celebration of the ending of many coronavirus restrictions. This morning I walked along the beautiful Red Sea to the border of Jordan, stopped to exercise at the sports park and even took a relaxing swim which felt great. I saw many unique and harmless jellyfish at the shoreline and tomorrow I may snorkel.  It is wonderful to see people at the beaches again swimming, diving, snorkeling and just relaxing.

Have you ever lived in a place where there is a “siesta time?” Eilat, Israel has a “siesta time” now that it is summer and it is very hot from around 11:30 to 3:30. My Israeli friends really look out for me and I am so grateful; they made sure I knew to either swim at the Red Sea or at a pool or come inside in the air conditioning and drink a lot of water during this hot time of the day. I always carry my water bottle and ice pack and I add lemon, mint, basil and other herbs from our garden to the water which tastes great.

During “siesta time” here in Eilat, Israel; many people relax at the beautiful beaches, in the air conditioned malls and restaurants, or use the time to cook, study and get things done at home in the air conditioning or as we say in Hebrew, in the mazgon.

I really love my new life here in Israel and how many people go out of their way to help others, not try to lie to them or deceive them. I think Israel is such a special country because there are many immigrants who understand the importance of Love, Freedom, Equal Rights, Justice and having Compassion for others. Also, Israel has helped many Middle Eastern countries during this coronavirus by delivering to them medical supplies and I also believe food too. It is very special to live in a place like this.

As I found out, be aware that President Trump’s coronavirus stimulus check program is deceiving because unemployed people do not qualify because they do not need to file tax returns. This stimulus program is for the wealthy who, even if unemployed have investments and will be filing tax returns so they are eligible to receive these coronavirus stimulus checks.

In other words, those who really need the money do not qualify.

Accordingly, President Trump acts like he cares about Americans but; disgracefully he only seems to care about wealthy Americans who he knows will vote for him again. Disgracefully, he still has not done anything to change the “rigged legal system” he campaigned on. I feel sorry for people like him who put so much importance on money and control.  I hope wherever you are living that your coronavirus situation improves like it has here in Israel. In the meantime…

Here is a beautiful song by Lenny Kravitz which explains how important it is to Love, Work Together, Help Each Other and Learn from Your Past. 


As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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