Wow! This Coronavirus Plague/War is exposing more of the TRUTH as the email below I just sent to my mother shows. For years, she; my sister; and my deceased father were illegally using my social security number to evade taxes. In order to clear my records with the IRS, when I found out about their scheme in 1985; I had to sue them and their attorney since they refused to stop.

Life shows that my Mother and Sister never learned their lesson given by honest and wise JUDGE DANA LEVITZ in 1985 since now, thirty-five (35) years later; they are promoting the criminal and immoral acts of Parental Alienation created by MARK HASSMAN, the father of my children whom I was married to for twenty (20) years and still legally married to due to our fraudulent divorce judgment. Specifically,
as our divorce judgment ALONE proves;
MARK HASSMAN stole, yes STOLE, the entire community estate under his control and ILLEGALLY DENIED ME of my legal and constitutional rights (INCLUDING CUSTODY and VISITATION) with the compliance of lawyers; judges; justices; religious organizations; other nonprofits including nonprofit schools; the court-appointed therapist; executives; and other corrupt and immoral people and the organizations under their control.
[Think this proves there is a Conspiracy or that these Acts were performed as part of an Ongoing Criminal Organization?]
I AM SO GRATEFUL I got away from all these people and have a happy and enriching NEW LIFE IN ISRAEL among kind, honest, interesting, and compassionate people like myself WHO UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE of Love, Peace, Freedom and Morality.
I KNOW MY MOTHER and SISTER are embarrassed and ashamed for what they did in 1985 because in 1985 they demanded as part of the settlement that the lawsuit file BE SEALED so no one could see how they behaved unless they obtained an order from a judge to open the file.
HOWEVER, IT IS A SHAME FOR THEM that they never received proper therapy and other help so they could learn to CHANGE their corrupt and immoral behavior AND LEARN to be happy, honest and compassionate and have peace of mind too.
Now, since it appears MY CHILDREN are associating with my mother and sister (along with their father Mark Hassman); AND DISGRACEFULLY HAVE REFUSED TO EVEN EMAIL ME FOR TWELVE (12) YEARS; they must be ADOPTING the horrible behaviors of my mother, my sister and their father.
****I am so glad I reasonably CHOSE to leave that WORLD OF CORRUPTION, ABUSE and IMMORALITY in 1985 and then AGAIN in 2008 and I will never return especially since that environment would make sick again. It is very sad how “evil begets evil” which is why the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION has become a WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC.
However, I am hopeful this Coronavirus Plague/War will put love, morality and common sense back into the hearts and minds of many of those who lost these very important values. I hope MY CHILDREN are included in that group and maybe it isn’t too late for others like my mother and sister.
Time will tell.
(I don’t have any hope that Mark Hassman will ever change; I think he will continue to try to destroy me as narcissists and those with similar character treat those who “disobeyed” them because they reasonably refused to help them carry out their corruption).
A beautiful Jewish teaching goes something like this: As the ocean never freezes, the gates of repentance are always open for those who are willing to acknowledge the truth and change their evil, immoral and corrupt ways.
Here is the email I just sent to my mother:
from: Sara Hassman <>
to: Helene Penn Dorf <>
date: Mar 23, 2020, 11:12 PM
subject: It appears you have been keeping in touch with my children. Why didn’t you tell me?
Hope you are doing well during this coronavirus plague. I think it is easier here in Israel since it is a country prepared for disasters. Thousands of testing kits and other supplies were received today which should help, according to the news here. I really do love my new life in Israel and I am grateful to be here.
Now Mom,
Why didn’t you tell me how my children are, especially during this coronavirus plague? Why didn’t you tell me when we recently corresponded regarding my birth certificate needed by the State of Israel for my citizenship?
Mom, will you PLEASE ENCOURAGE MY CHILDREN to email me since YOU KNOW I am a loving, honest Mother and person?
My estranged sister Ruthie also seems to be in contact with them. Why not both of you help us begin communicating again since this would be a mitzvah and I know BOTH OF YOU are religious and active at Beth Tfiloh Synagogue?
I am especially concerned about my children due to this coronavirus plague and even President Trump said that this is a time to treasure family.
Why not both you and Ruthie end this alienation and BE PROUD? If you refuse, please tell me why. AT LEAST, will you please let me know how they are doing?
Many thanks and stay healthy during this plague,
Sara [End of email]
******* I hope one day when we have leaders who care about Love and Family; someone will pick up where I have left off so this WORLDWIDE TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION will end and NEVER AGAIN happen.*******
In the meantime; I AM THRILLED I found out the people MY ADULT CHILDREN HAVE CHOSEN, yes chosen, TO ASSOCIATE WITH WHILE ALIENATING ME because I now know their world of lies, schemes, abuse and corruption would make me sick again.
Therefore, I only miss the way they ONCE WERE. In addition: ****** I NOW REALIZE MY CHILDREN must reach out to me if they want to reunite because they must BE WILLING to be honest, civil, respectful, kind and compassionate AS ADULTS SHOULD WANT TO BE ANYWAY, especially towards their loving and honest Mother who helped them thrive in many positive ways and as MARK HASSMAN himself said; was an “integral part of their positive upbringing.”
I am thrilled more and more of the truth is being exposed.
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Image may contain: possible text that says 'The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever'
As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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