You Can Only Love Another If You Respect Their Existence & Their Beautiful Thoughts and Feelings

Respect and Freedom for ALL; but many believe they that do not deserve to be respected or have freedom or even have fun. This is just the shame that someone like an alienating parent has made a child believe so he or she can ruin their self esteem and better control them.
Once you stop believing the lies you have been told, you can begin to see the truth of how special you are and how you deserve to have your thoughts and feels respected. Then you can learn to love and heal from your past experiences.

Unfortunately, the American Dream for many seems to be able to use your children to communicate lies, carry out schemes to deceive others and make them your corrupt, immoral slaves.  It also seems for many to be able to have a spouse or significant other while also seeing someone else and texting another or many others and while on an online dating site pretending to be single or trying to make many at the same time believe you are interested in them.

***People like this think it is a game, entertainment to play with people’s emotions. Make no mistake, this is abuse; emotional abuse and this is evil and very hurtful. It also shows a lack of emotional maturity as well as compassion and respect for the thoughts and feelings of others.

Many abusers including those who create and aid in the parental alienation are sexists and believe WOMEN and CHILDREN do not deserve to have equal rights and instead should be treated like property and their toys. They don’t care about their thoughts or feelings.

Instead, people like this think they have a RIGHT to use and abuse women and children to fit their needs. They think women and their children were created to be their toys or slaves.  It is a very sick and evil thought process and perspective but unfortunately; many men and even women, mostly successful women believe this. They do not want their ideas or impressive titles questioned or threatened so they resort to emotionally abusing and emotionally torturing those who are trying to change their way of life of abuse, immorality and corruption.

This is why those who have created and help aid in the parental alienation do not know how to love.

***You can only love another if you respect their existence and WANT TO PROTECT THEIR WELL BEING; not destroy their self-esteem, their soul, their potential and want to “shape” them into the slave you want them to be for you.

Whether you want someone to repeat your immoral and corrupt thoughts and ideas like believing they should alienate their loving parent or whether you want use them for other immoral acts; this is showing that you do not know how to love another because you do not respect their individuality.  A person’s individuality is their special thoughts and ideas which makes them the beautiful person they are. This should not only be respected but; a person’s individuality should be enriched with honest, kind, positive thoughts and ideas so they grow and reach their beautiful potential.

The bottom line is when someone does not have respect for another person and their individual ,special, precious, beautiful personality and character; they are not able to love them.

When a parent guides their children in positive ways, this is showing  they have respect for their children because they are trying to help them reach their potential by becoming the best person they can be.

However, when a parent intentionally teaches their children to behave in immoral, corrupt and abusive ways, this is not showing  they respect their children at all. It is showing the opposite; that the parent disrespects their children’s individual thoughts, feelings and ideas and wants to destroy their beautiful character and soul.

Instead of facing their OWN shame and trying to understand why they behave in these abusive, evil and very unreasonable ways; most abusers and those aiding them just continue to use and abuse. They think they are “entitled” to use and abuse others eventhough they know or should know that this is very corrupt and immoral.

So, what can we do? Set your boundaries and when someone talks to you in a dictatorial or demeaning manner; let them know they must stop or you will not associate with them anymore. You need to stand up for your own individual rights which includes being treated with respect and civility.

Wise and reasonable people discuss issues in a civil manner; not trying to trick or harm another. If someone refuses to do this, move on. Otherwise, they will make you miserable, take away your self esteem and maybe even make you sick.
You DESERVE to be treated with kindness and have your individual rights respected by all.
So don’t be afraid to stand up for your rights!!!
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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