You Deserve to have Fun and Don’ t Believe People who Try to Make You Believe You Don’t!!!

Please remember you deserve to have fun and do good things like I did this weekend. Don’t think you don’t deserve to have fun because that it just the “shame and insecurity” controlling, manipulating people try to make you believe.
So, IGNORE THEM and just become the person You WANT to be by doing positive things with a reasonable and respectful attitude and don’t bully or intimidate others.

***IF MY CHILDREN ARE READING THIS; please know you deserve to have fun and do worthwhile things and not follow unreasonable orders like if you alienate your loving Mother you will get all this money after a statute of limitations runs. ARE YOU SURE? IS IT WORTH IT? Do things with kind, respectful, honest people only; not lying and disrespectful jerks because spending time with people like that is NOT reasonable since they will only bring you problems; not love, kindness, honesty, peace of mind and happiness.***

This weekend was great. I did some things I have not done in a while. Since we are approaching winter, even in Los Angeles where we have to wear a light jacket or sweatshirt; I made some homemade chicken soup with asparagus, zucchini and mushrooms and it was so delicious. I made a lot so I would have some to put in the freezer.
I just love Los Angeles.
After my yoga class which keeps me flexible and is really fun; I went to buy the vegetables for my soup and my favorite pie was on sale; pecan pie, so bought it.
I baked some dark chocolate brownies which I put in the freezer. Then I made a wonderful vegetable omelet with some seven grain brown rice which was so delicious too. I even put some of that in the freezer and it tastes great when I defrost it. So I am all stocked up for the winter. I love to cook nice meals and I hope you did some nice things you enjoy this weekend too.

If you have never taken a yoga class they are great. I like Iyengar yoga which is where you hold the poses and really stretch. My instructor who is a friend of mine is really very knowledgeable.
Since many people carry their tension and pressure in their hips, we do these exercises to relieve it.
Well it really works because not only are you more flexible but you feel so much better too. It is kind of like a cupping massage if you have ever had one of those on your back.
I just love LA because there are so many things to enjoy and many very interesting people to meet too.

Well, with that said I heard this great FOOTBALL JOKE which relates to Parental Alienation. So here it is:
This couple went to a therapist because the husband was refusing to be intimate with his wife because he thinks it is irresponsible to put himself at risk because he believes his wife has been to an Ebola infested region. He thinks because she watched a television show on Ebola since they have a 4k tv and it’s just like being there.

So as the husband explained to the therapist:
He thinks that until the wife has been quarantined for 26 weeks, he should stay in the den by himself and watch football.
The wife then said to the therapist; he can stay in the den for 26 years for all I care. Then the husband said, well that’s overkill because football is only 26 weeks.

So, if you are married or are the significant other of a man like this one; just come to Los Angeles because there are so many great things to do and interesting and fun people to meet and you don’t have to put up with that attitude.

However, I do have to warn you; learn from my mistake; don’t EVER go to Sinai Temple in Los Angeles or have anything to do with Rabbi David Wolpe who told me one time that he is a football fan.
If you associate with Rabbi David Wolpe; you may find like I have that he has made SECRET AGREEMENTS with your ex-husband to conceal millions of dollars of your community property that should have been distributed to you at the time your divorce.

Also part of these agreements he made with my ex-husband is to keep me alienated from my children because they thought I would be less likely to discover these secret agreements. Then at the end of a statute of limitations period when they think I will no longer be able to claim my millions of dollars worth of MY community property they have concealed from me with the use of 501(c)(3) and other similar agreements; Rabbi David Wolpe will get to keep it in exchange for assisting my ex-husband conceal my property and keep me alienated from my Children.
It is so evil.
So, I don’t even get any of the retirement money, savings or investments from my 23 year marriage. The Jews have been doing this for decades and my case should end this evil, very destructive and harmful practice which has and continues to harm millions of Children and their loving Mother (father).

However, you could also be faced with this problem of having your ex-husband make agreements with “religious” organizations using 501(c)(3) and other agreements “entrusting” YOUR community property without your consent which you should have received at the time of the divorce IF like my ex-husband, he marries a born again Christian wife who condones this immoral and unlawful behavior.
This is not a joke; this is what my ex-husband and his new wife have done as many tax returns, public records and other documents show.

This is really my life, this is not candid camera.

So, not only does my ex-husband, along with the cooperation of his new Born Again Christian wife, have agreements with Rabbi David Wolpe, they also have agreements with Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.
These religious leaders ENCOURAGE parental alienation because it is PROFITABLE for them. They are so sick to do this to Children and their loving Mother especially while they pretend to be religious.

The main thing is to get away from harmful, immoral and dishonest people like this so YOU can have fun doing fun and reasonable things and not be bothered by their evil shenanigans and machinations. They won’t change but you can live a great life without them especially in Los Angeles.

So, if someone does not appreciate you during football season or any other time; maybe it is time to evaluate what YOU should do and those YOU want to spend time with that bring out the best in you during football season and all other seasons too as we express our own INDIVIDUALITY and BLEND our talents with those who are worth our time and our energy.

***Also, please remember, true emotional growth is difficult because it FORCES YOU to change your current patterns and adopt new ones; which is very worthwhile. Most changes at first are difficult so just expect this and keep making positive changes.
***Don’t be angry at any messenger for forcing positive change. This is what honest leaders do; they bring about positive changes so; please put away your anger and boxing gloves, relax and go with the flow of positive changes.
Just help bring the positive changes along within yourself and your community.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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