YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY.To all of my family members, my Jewish brethren, my defendants and all others who have cheated me, betrayed my trust, destroyed loving companionships I shared with them and/or with others and defamed my beautiful character with lies and schemes; I want to let you know as the Jewish New Year begins that YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY.

I am so grateful your fraudulent, criminal, immoral, malicious and jealous behavior drove me to find my beautiful new life in Israel among people who SHARE my values of love, kindness, truth, freedom, equal rights, peace and helping others in respectful and reasonable ways AS A WAY OF LIFE. Also, you REINFORCED the importance of having a life with these values and using my special skills, education and experiences to help make our world a better place for Humanity as GOD intended. (This is called Tikkun Olam in Hebrew).

I ALSO FEEL VERY SORRY FOR ALL OF YOU since my irrefutable facts in public records and elsewhere prove YOU DO NOT WANT TO LEARN TO STOP being jealous, angry, hateful, frustrated, insecure and full of shame and consequently you remain in your life of self-imprisonment surrounded by others like you.
Even though many of you claim to be “religious,” money seems to be what you worship along with control and doing whatever it takes to get these things, regardless of whom you harm.
I refuse to live with people who have a life of TERRORISM and ABUSIVE thoughts and behaviors because I do not want you to make me miserable or my seizures to return. Further, I do not want to have any guilt or shame because there is always GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.

However, if any of you ever choose to change and want to learn the beauty (for the first time or again) of a life filled with love, kindness, truth, freedom, equal rights, peace and helping others in respectful and reasonable ways WHICH IS HOW I RAISED MY CHILDREN AS THE FULL-TIME STAY-AT- HOME MOTHER, I will fervently welcome you into My World of Love.
***I WAS THE HEART AND SOUL of my married family which is WHY MY CHILDREN ARE SO LOST without My Love. ***ONLY LOST CHILDREN would refuse, FOR ELEVEN YEARS NOW, to contact their loving, law-abiding Mother who helped them thrive in many positive ways including LEARNING TO LOVE and BE LOVED, BE HONEST, RESPECTFUL AND RESPONSIBLE people.
***I KNOW THE PARENTAL ALIENATION IS SO VERY HARMFUL TO CHILDREN OF ALL AGES as experts, the Holocaust and others have proven and any reasonable person knows.
However, IF AS ADULTS NOW MY CHILDREN choose to imitate the values of their father who SPONSORS THE TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION;
I can only feel sorry for all of you AND
AT THE SAME TIME, welcome you WITH OPEN ARMS AND GREAT PLEASURE into my World of Love if you want to live your life with the VALUES I RAISED YOU WITH AND EXEMPLIFY MYSELF of love, kindness, truth, freedom, equal rights, peace and helping others in respectful and reasonable ways.

Regardless of what each one of you chooses; I am grateful I had the opportunity to be a loving, honest, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Relative, Friend, Brethren, Client and Person in your life.
All of you taught me so much about life and REINFORCED my values whereby I PROUDLY can live my life without all of you since so far you unreasonably, unlawfully AND UNLOVINGLY continue to live in opposition to my righteous values which are also those IN OPPOSITION TO Democracy, Judaism and other religions.
***In other words, SPONSORING THE TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION is adamantly opposed by the laws of Democracy, the laws of Judaism, the laws of Christianity and many other religious and is also TERROR AND ABUSE as any reasonable person knows.
In addition, it is truly terror and abuse to REFUSE TO HELP END THIS TERROR AND ABUSE when you have the skills, power, education and resources to end it which many do. Many of those mentioned can easily publish articles, have sermons, lectures, classes and other educational events AND help alienated Children and their Parents start communicating again WITH A PHONE CALL OR EMAIL.

I understand the beautiful things in life and have the peace of mind to enjoy and appreciate them. I hope one day all of you do too.

L’Shana Tova (Happy New Year) from Arad, Israel which is in the beautiful and peaceful Judean Desert where our Ancestors lived and traveled.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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