Your Deserve to be Happy & have the Answers Inside Yourself to Help you become Happy

You deserve to be happy and just know everyone, including you, has layers of self-hatred and dislike that you must BREAK THROUGH to realize your own happiness and beautiful potential. You can break through to the truth and your consciousness and have happiness and peace of mind.

First ask yourself: Do you like yourself and what you stand for?
If not, just think about what you like and don’t like and why.
***Break through to the TRUTH AND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.
Are you being reasonable or just repeating what you have been taught without thinking?

All you need to do is intend or be willing and begin your plan to MAKE your positive changes and objectives happen and the rest will fall into place.
You can’t just wish things to happen, you have to diligently make them happen and keep evaluating your plan to make sure you are on track or if any changes need to be made. You are EVOLVING into the person you choose to be as you become older and wiser.

***If you choose not to make a positive plan and instead just follow along with unreasonable, harmful behaviors; you will just EXIST without truth, true feelings and peace of mind. You will be like a robot.
This is why it is so important to stand up against a sick, alienating parent and those “religious” organizations, schools, lawyers, a new spouse and others aiding this parent in destroying the special Mother/Child bond (father/child bond).

If you choose not to stand up to evil and corruption, you become just like them by allowing this evil to continue; which has been happening in the Jewish community since the 1970’s. [Stephen Fried, bestselling author:]
Jewish leaders and organizations intentionally destroy the special Mother/Child bond and also try to defame and INTIMIDATE those, like myself, who is standing up to them trying to end their secret policy of using 501(c)(3) and other similar charitable agreements used to destroy the relationship at the time of divorce a loving Mother has with her children of all ages, while making a profit.

When DR PHIL asked me why I was throw out of a Temple and why Pastor Rick Warren and Jewish Organizations refuse to discuss Parental Alienation and refuse to help reunite children with their loving divorced Mother, I had not discovered these 501(c)(3), vow of poverty and other similar “charitable” agreements yet. I just knew it had to do with money and contributions; being paid to treat a loving Mother this way which any reasonable person knows is not “religious” or “charitable.”

***You always must have GOOD INTENTIONS and LOVE for others which will bring out your creativity and make your positive plan a successful one. You have to help YOURSELF in positive ways and then you will receive help, I believe.
***Then you will find your own inspiration and reach your beautiful potential. You will break into truth and deeper into your consciousness.
If you have GREED or HATRED, your plan will not have longevity; even if it does succeed for a short period of time.

Love and compassion for others is what will make you happy and helps your worthwhile plan succeed.
LOVE is not just for others but for YOURSELF and what YOU stand for too. Being kind, caring and willing to be open to love will not only bring YOU peace and happiness but; will also ATTRACT OTHERS like you and TOGETHER you can help each other in honest, truthful ways. There are no lies or manipulations.

*******Then you can learn and grow TOGETHER with those who have positive values and want to bring love and happiness to the world; not greed, hatred, control and destroy the sacred Mother/ Child bond. (father/child bond).

******This is ONE OF THE SECRETS TO SUCCESS: You must have good intentions to attract others with good intentions. To do this you have to get those with bad, harmful intentions OUT of your life so you are not negatively influenced or manipulated by them.
This includes FAMILY MEMBERS who you cannot reason with.
I developed seizures for trying and even after the Dr. Phil show when my daughter started to give me ultimatums and refused to have a civil discussion, I started to feel uneasy again.
You need to be with people who are REASONABLE and open to accepting new positive ideas so you can GROW TOGETHER IN HEALTHY, POSITIVE WAYS; not be manipulated or lied to.

When you are sharing your knowledge and inspiring others you are bringing positive changes to the world and yourself; but you must be CONSISTENT and never intentionally harm others; even vulnerable people who you could profit from by taking advantage of them; like an alienating father does who harms the loving Mother and Children of all ages; along with those who help him.

I have a fraudulent divorce because I was cheated out of millions of dollars because I reasonably trusted my spouse of many years and was taken advantage of. TRUST is an important element is a healthy relationship and as I was told professionally; the breach of trust is HIS problem and that spouses must trust each other if they want a healthy relationship.
I realized the problem and I am so glad to be divorced and now I am reasonably accepting MY challenge of rectifying my fraudulent divorce which involves the reasons for the parental alienation too. Often, one corrupt act is part of a plan of many corrupt acts.

You also must believe in yourself and have confidence. Many of the answers you want especially those regarding morals and ethics, are deep inside of your subconscious. I know my children were raised with these morals and ethics as were millions like them.

***You really DO know right from wrong and what is reasonable; even if you have been deceived by others.

SEEK the answers and do not ignore your challenges so you can BREAK THROUGH TO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.
This is why it is so important to face your challenges in a positive, peaceful responsible way so you can learn and grow from them in many ways. You don’t want to initiate violence because this is not showing love and compassion.

Explore certain behaviors you have that do not work for you because they make you unhappy or tense. It could be due to people you associate with or a bad habit you have allowed yourself to adapt. Discover the reasons for these behaviors and then it will be easier to change them.
When did they develop?

***Alienated Children; please remember the divorce and the parental alienation was not your fault but it is important that you understand how you have been lied to and your mind has been manipulated and to UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH and REUNITE so you can receive LOVE and COMPASSION AGAIN from your loving Mother (father). THEIR love and compassion is very, very special because YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MOTHER. No one can duplicate that love and compassion.
Then you can live life not pretending to believe the lies but by expressing YOUR true feelings and also being proud of yourself for standing up to corruption. You will also influence others to do the same and ATTRACT others like you.

Remember, often the alienating parent and those aiding him will blame the children of all ages for their own problems. EXPECT THIS and just ignore their comments.
Aside from controlling others, alienating parents and those who assist them also love to BLAME OTHERS for their problems so they can maintain a “perfect” image. Again, EXPECT THIS and just ignore their comments.

Know how strong, kind and capable YOU are. Sick people also like to make others FEEL THEIR PAIN instead of getting the help they need to change their evil ways so they can relieve themselves of their pain.

Know how capable YOU are and that you have many answers in your own consciousness waiting for you to BREAK INTO by being kind, caring, honest and willing to love; this includes yourself. Do this by being proud of what you stand for.
***Respect and love what YOU STAND FOR and then you will see that you will attract others who have the same positive character and values.
This will bring you happiness and peace of mind.
Remember, know that there are many positive ideas so know there are MANY POSITIVE successful ways to accomplish something so don’t believe anyone who tells you that you must do what they say ONLY.

Be an INDIVIDUAL and use your mind to think beautiful, worthwhile thoughts. ***Then in a year, see how much you have grown.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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