Your subconscious mind can tell you many important things if you allow yourself to tap into it.

Have you ever felt sick from the worlds you have come from; as a child and then as an adult?
Do you know why?
Were you forced to give up your good values and righteous moral standards for some business or other cause? 
Why did you acquiesce? 
Where you too young to realize the total picture and how you were being used? 
Did you tell yourself that you needed to survive and that one day you would change back?
Where you just following orders as you were told a good son or daughter must do; in other words; you sold your mind and soul to your father or mother not caring about the harmful consequences?

As a result, you have grown up physically but your emotionally maturity lacks far behind. 
You have not allowed yourself to feel responsible for your acts or have compassion and a desire to compensate those you have harmed. Many drink, womanize, are obsessed with the internet and have developed other obsessions to try to distract themselves from the SHAME THEY FEEL.

What do you do when you find, not once but TWICE in your life you are surrounded by people like this?
As the renowned author Thomas Mann explains in his book “The Magic Mountain,” he reexamined the European bourgeois society, including the sources of the willful, perverse destructiveness displayed by much of the civilized society.

***As Mann teaches us, sometimes a person must go through sickness to realize the truth around him or her and then must die in that world and create a new world for herself or himself. 
Chaim Potok’s cherished novels “The Chosen” and “Old Men at Midnight” also emphasize this manner of transformation as does Ayn Ryan’s “Fountain Head” and “Atlas Shrugged.” These well respected novels explain there are two ways to live: You can be direct and brave or you can intentionally be bad and harm others along with yourself.

If you intentionally choose to be bad and harm others, this will lead to YOUR death because you have so much shame but simultaneously refuse to face the truth, get rid of your shame and heal yourself by learning how to become direct and brave by changing your thoughts, habits and behaviors. 
Is this the coward’s form of SUICIDE?

The Torah also clearly explains that one must not be afraid but PREPARED to become an alien in his or her own society when society’s values become corrupt, abusive and very harmful.
I am so grateful I had my wonderful Grandfather Ben who lived the life of a Jew. He was not a religious Jew but lived showing respect, kindness and compassion for all and standing up for the legal rights of others who were unable to enforce their own legal rights. He taught me many important lessons stemming from Jewish teachings which I used to raise my three children and live by today.

My very, very difficult childhood transformation of dying in the world I was raised in was brought about when my parents made me realize as a young adult that I either went along with their fraudulent tax fraud scheme allowing them to use my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust or they would disown me.

I was so very, very lucky to have great respect, admiration and a working relationship with the Honorable and esteemed Judge James S. Sfekas and also with my trusts and estates law school professor who also managed the Trust and Estates Department of a major bank named Larry Rosenthal.

I was also grateful for my ex-husband who was very wonderful at the time. I helped “rescue” him from his very dysfunctional family life lacking in love as he did the same for me. 
We had similar values, were well educated and enriched each other in many positive ways for about 20 years.
Together we left the world of corruption and abuse of the collective society the books mentioned above so poignantly describe. We swore to each other that we would never return to that world. Instead we built together a beautiful family instilling our positive values and also the importance of independence from the dysfunctional establishment. 
We were very happy together for about twenty years and helped our children and each other thrive in many positive ways as everyone’s accomplishments showed. I have no regrets. I gave my ex-husband my life from the time I was 27 years old until I was 50.

My very, very difficult adult transformation of dying in the world I created with my ex-husband began at the time of divorce when his well-documented acts of parental alienation began. I became very sick. I was emotionally abused. 
My ex-husband knew I could never agree to go back and live in the world of lies and corruption as he was asking me to do regarding a student loan fraud scheme. He refused to engage in therapy and blamed me for the failure of the therapy even though facts show he had already been financially preparing for the divorce using his skills from Harvard business school, as a certified public accountant and as a very successful Chief Financial Officer.

My ex-husband knew that I had healed myself through my children by raising them with beautiful values and took great pride, as most parents do, seeing their children’s accomplishments.
He intentionally took all of that away from me with unlawful restraining orders issued against me without any legal or rational basis. It is so disgraceful beyond words to use your own children so you don’t have to pay child support and try to kill your wife so you do not have to give her 50 percent of the marital property.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others at SINAI TEMPLE and at ALL OTHER JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS I contacted around the United States did not try to help me reunite with my children; even though I am known for my honesty and have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life. They made the situation worse for me by banned me from attending services and all other events at Sinai Temple to try to distress me even more.

But the end of one’s chapter in life opens the way for a new beginning. 
I am happy in my new post-divorce world fighting for my legal rights to have a legal divorce by receiving my property, savings and other legal rights. As my very wise Grandfather Ben taught me; I will always defend my character and be proud to be an alien in a community that is corrupt and abusive.

It is difficult to trust others unless they show you they have infinite sorrow for their past acts by learning to never, ever allow themselves to repeat them. Only then can there be a true forging of connections with trust and understanding which can grow into love; love for your children, friends and love for a partner. I have learned many important lessons in life which has made me the woman that I am today.

This is a wonderful new chapter in my life and I am very grateful to have been given not a 2nd but a 3rd chance since I have stood up twice now to the corrupt and abusive establishment and will not stop until I have received what I am legally entitled to from my divorce and my life with my ex-husband, regardless of the lies and schemes directed at me.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will.”-Fredrick Douglass

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”- Carl Jung

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation. org

Comment:   Unfortunately today the Jewish leaders have become immoral, thieves and liars using their “Charitable” agreement and trying to portray an IMAGE.

(PASTOR RICK WARREN of Saddleback Church does this too).

Rabbi David Wolpe posted on his facebook page like he really cares about women; a photo of a sculpture of a woman from India taking off her head scarf and expressing that women have a right to have freedom. REALLY. See the facts.   RABBI DAVID WOLPE won’t even discuss PARENTAL ALIENATION or tell me why I have been banned from attending any events at Sinai Temple.

What a fool who thinks he is too big to fail!!!!!!! RABBI DAVID WOLPE will not only bring himself down but will bring many other Jews down with him who condone his practice of stealing a wife/mother’s property from divorce by promoting acts of Parental Alienation.  These Jews and others who go along with this are truly disgraceful beyond words AND are really not Jews. This is TERRORISM. They are finishing what HITLER started.

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