YOUR unique, special Glass, OUR Revolution, MY wise and compassionate Grandfather Ben which many of you listed below had the honor of knowing and many JEWISH CRIMINALS listed below who claim to be honest and law-abiding.

To begin, Saint STEPHEN was born Jewish as an eldest son. Many Christians believe he was the first martyr of the early church at Jerusalem because he AROUSED THE HATRED of members of many synagogues because he DENIED sacred Jewish teachings. Saint Stephen TAUGHT SOCIETY many criminal, unlawful, immoral and very destructive ANTI-JEWISH thoughts and behaviors. He was appointed to distribute food and charitable aid to poorer members not to steal. 

LIKE MY ELDEST JEWISH SON by the same name; he too should have known better than to steal and commit other crimes. As many facts prove MY ELDEST JEWISH SON STEPHEN has stolen assets and income from ME, his loving, law-abiding Mother WITH THE AIDING AND ABETTING of many other JEWS. 
This shamefully includes Jewish organizations and their Jewish leaders who also know better and his own Jewish father MARK HASSMAN, who is a Harvard business school graduate, a certified public accountant and a chief financial officer and clearly knows better than to steal from me; his (still) legal wife and mother of our three children.

MY ELDEST JEWISH SON STEPHEN, JEWS, including Jewish organizations and their Jewish leaders and members know that THE TORAH has deemed STEALING a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother’s LEGAL RIGHTS of custody, visitation along with STEALING her ASSETS AND INCOME as corruption. These acts of theft are also blasphemy, immoral and destroying the beautiful, loving world God created. These are horrific, unconscionable sins which affect not only the sinner himself or herself, but the ENTIRE NATION of Jews and also non-Jews.

THE TORAH is the LAW which Judaism is founded upon. God explained these LAWS to Moses and then gave him the Torah for ALL Jews to live by, NOT TO IGNORE. 
The Torah forbids a Jew to refuse to acknowledge the United States Constitution; California and other state Constitutions; California community property laws; and other laws which PROMOTE Equal Rights, Public Policy, Reason, Objectivity, Justice, Love and Family.

The very sacred and revered TORAH explains that the DEFINITION OF STEALING……… which is clearly FORBIDDEN by Jews is to deprive someone of ANYTHING that is rightfully his or hers despite whether there is some contrived “moral” justification. [Bamidbar/Numbers/ Parshas Nasso].

For example, when a Jew unreasonably, unobjectively, immorally and criminally tries to argue that the CUSTODY OF MINOR CHILDREN and/or the ASSETS AND INCOME OF ANOTHER really belong to my JEWISH TRIBE; therefore by depriving a loving, law-abiding Jewish Mother and Woman of these things, all I am REALLY doing is depriving my Israelite tribe of the right to CHOOSE to whom to give them to… This is blasphemy, corruption, abuse and terrorism; NOT JUDAISM. [Bamidbar/Numbers/ Parshas Nasso].

This same Torah portion also explains that to gain ATONEMENT, one must repent by confessing what he or she has done, expressing regret of such transgressions from the Torah, AND CHANGING his or her thoughts, behaviors and business policies so they CONFORM to the laws of the Torah not repudiate them. The Torah makes it very clear that there CANNOT be atonement without: 1) a confession; 2) a change in thoughts [which drive our behaviors]; 3) a change in behaviors; 4) a change in business policies; 5) and the thief or thieves must make RESTITUTION.

For example California community property laws along with other said aforementioned laws mandate that at the time of divorce ALL community property must be disclosed and then divided and distributed 50/50 between the divorcing spouses ONLY, unless there is a written waiver of informed consent. The thieves must restore this property to the loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother who was the spouse who has been deprived of them for many years now, since the time of the divorce. THE THEIVES MUST ALSO help her reunite with her children due to PROMOTING ACTS OF PARENTAL ALIENATION thereby stealing her legal rights to custody, visitation and an ongoing companionship with her children. They must also PROMOTE POLICIES to reasonably insure that these abuses do not reoccur in future generations.

Each of us has a special glass where we are able to CHOOSE what to fill it with. You can choose to fill it with love, kindness, honesty, compassion and helping others in positive ways which will bring you self-esteem and happiness; OR you can choose to fill it with lies, schemes, hatred, greed, anger and deceiving and abusing others which will bring you shame and misery. 
This glass is clear so the entire world can see what you have chosen to do even if you try to hide the truth. You can only fool yourself and others for so long because your anger and shame will seep through in the form of cancer, heart attacks and other illnesses as well as your disgruntle disposition and sour smile.
I have chosen to fill my glass with the former values of love and kindness and lift my glass with others who have done the same.

Also, remember as Socrates said, in order to FIND YOURSELF, you must FIRST THINK for yourself and not ALLOW yourself to be controlled by others. Only evil predators want to control others. Kind, loving, law-abiding people promote FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and EQUAL RIGHTS for all.

Thus, with this being said; I want to name the following people and organizations which have for AT LEAST the past ten (10) years, been CRIMINALLY, IMMORALLY and UNREASONABLY RESISTING CHANGE by refusing to end the form of domestic terrorism called Parental Alienation along with the USE OF 501(c)(3) and other charitable nonprofits to steal and launder money and dirty profits from selling the alienated children into the slave and sex trade, drug trade and stealing the assets and income from loving, law-abiding Mothers at the time of divorce and thereafter.

I want to start with my family and childhood friends from Baltimore, Maryland who all CLAIM to be very religious Jews and active in Jewish organizations.
My therapist at the time of divorce, when the very well documented Parental Alienation began, advised me to ask my relatives to call my children on a rotating basis every week to help them cope; and they all REFUSED. Others refuse to even communicate with me because I stand for truth and justice, not abuse. 
*********They are using the synagogue and other nonprofits to HIDE THEIR OWN INCOME and ASSETS and ARE PROFITING FROM PARENTAL ALIENATION and the MONEY LAUNDERING:
• My evil, crooked mother HELENE PENN (DORF); 
• My evil, crooked sister and her husband RUTH and DAVID CARLINER; 
• My cousins who have all been a great disappointment to me: The PERLOWS: Howard, Jeff, Bonnie, Ira and their spouses;
• The PENNS: LEWIS and MITZI, SAM and BEVERLY and their children;
• My relatives not mentioned above and other Members of the very religious synagogue named BETH TFILOH which is one of my defendants. Its members include not only my family members but also my childhood friends who have all turned into evil, crooked predators who steal from a loving, law-abiding Mother as my facts clearly prove:
• RABBI WAHLBERG(who married me in 1985) 
• EMILIE SCHWAB, who claimed I did not know her well enough when I asked her to call my children at the time of divorce to help stem the Parental Alienation.
Also, some of my other defendants who claim to be religious Jews:
• RABBI MARVIN HIER who also founded and manages the SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER
• EMORY UNIVERSITY’S Jewish Ethics Chairman PAUL WOLPE, who has spoken at SINAI TEMPLE

Attached is a favorite song of my very wise and compassionate Grandfather Ben. For those of you who had the honor of knowing him; picture him telling YOU to “Straighten up and fly right,” and for those who did not have this honor; picture a wonderful man who lived his life as a Jew like the Torah mandates, telling you this.

In addition, as the very wise and influential poet T.S. Eliot wrote in pertinent part:
“The scholar’s degree, the stateman’s decoration.
All things become less real, man passes
From unreality to unreality.
This man [and woman] is obstinate, blind, intent
Passing from deception to deception,
From grandeur to grandeur to final ILLUSION,

The moment foreseen may be unexpected
When it arrives. It comes when we are
Engrossed with matters of other urgency.

The U.S. Supreme Court and other courts have these signed documents as OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation and the other crimes which commonly accompany this terror IS THRIVING as we are spreading the Truth and Restoring Equal Rights, Justice, Love and Family, regardless of what these so-called Jews and other leaders do or don’t do.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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